* Job Scope: To promote and sell certain Maxis products in various Maxis Centers in KL, PJ, PENANG & Johor Bharu. Full time promoter needed for 6months (min 3months). Working duration is 6days a week, 9hrs a day (1 hr break). Working days and time is according to particular outlet. Experience in sales is compulsory. (Training will be provided) Knowledge in Telco and experience in Demo Promotion is a plus! * Date Needed: As Soon As Possible. *Promoter girls are encourage to apply. * Salary / Benefit: Good Basic pay with High incentive * Contact (Email/Phone) : send e-mail to must.recruit@gmail.com Titled : MAXIS CENTER * Contact Person: Ms. Yap Additional Information : Short listed candidates will be called upon. So don\\\'t forget to include your mobile number. Please include details such as : 1) Full Name 2) IC No 3)Handphone number 4)Current Residing address 5)Language Spoken / Written 6)Mode of transportation - Driving / Public Transport 7)Photos 8)Dress / shirt size: S, M, L 9)Which location are you interested to work at? Location available KLCC, Cheras, Selayang, Klang, Subang USJ (Taipan), Taman Tun Dr. Ismail 3 Outlets in Penang 2 Outlets in JB Town
Mobile - Salary Good Basic pay with High incentive
Location KL / PJ, PENANG, JB Working Hours Working duration is 6days a week, 9hrs a day (1 hr break)
Onsite No Needed Skilsl Experience in sales
Start Date 2007/09/19
Duration 6months
[tags]Experience in sales,Anywhere,KL / PJ, PENANG, JB[/tags]

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