* Job Scope: Promote to customer our new products. * Requirement: * Chinese male/female age between 20 - 25 years old Aggressive Hardworking & Responsible Good Attitude Able to communicate in malay, Mandarin and English * Location : * Mydin USJ * Giant Batu Caves * Giant Ulu Kelang * Giant Stadium * Giant Kinrara * Carrefour Wangsa Maju * Carrefour Putrajaya * Date Needed: 29/09/2007 - 14/10/2007 (6 Days) every Saturday & Sunday * Working Hour: 12noon - 8pm (1 hour break) * Salary / Benefit: RM60 + Commission * Contact (Email/Phone) : shary2233@gmail.com Additional Information : * Training will be provided on 25/9/2007 (Tuesday) 11am-4pm. (Must Attend) please wear white blouse/ shirt in collar, black pants and black shoes Anyone who is interested and willing to do, please email me the following details: 1. Full Name 2. IC No. 3. Contact Number (mobile & home) 4. Email Address 5. Current Residing Address 6. Language spoken 7. Mode of Transportation - Driving / Plubic Transport 8. Photo (4R & Passport size) * Must provided 9. Shirt / dress size: S, M, L 10. Job Experiences 11. Which location available to work at?
Mobile - Salary RM60 + Commission
Location Klang Valley Mydin, Giant, Carrefour Working Hours 12noon - 8pm (1 hour break)
Onsite No Needed Skilsl Promoting
Start Date 2007/09/29
Duration 6
[tags]Promoting,Kuala Lumpur,Klang Valley Mydin, Giant, Carrefour[/tags]

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