DMCBiz Enterprise is a company that distribute divx type format file to customers who owned any media device from Pioneer, LG, Toshiba, Sony, JV, etc. that carries the DIVX mark. We are now looking for Distribution Agents nationwide to seek clients and customers who are in need of such services. We are looking for individuals regardless of age and race who is hard working and determined to get clients and potential customers. Chosen candidates will be provided easy step by step guidance and online database system. Remunerations are based on commisions so this is suitable for a part-time post. Interested candidates should email their application to (Reference: FDA).
Mobile 0126761415 Salary Commission based
Location Nationwide Working Hours Flexible
Onsite No Needed Skilsl Good networking skills
Start Date 2007/11/27
Duration unlimited
[tags]Good networking skills,Anywhere,Nationwide[/tags]

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1 Comment

Comment by Mr. Rick Subscribed to comments via email
2007-11-13 15:24:37

Please leave your comment or question here and i will get notified of the message in my email. Thanks.

Comment by Desmond Subscribed to comments via email
2007-11-14 11:40:27

Hi there,
Im interested in this freelance job, does it require any commitment? (e.g hit target) or any fees we need to pay to participate?
plz kindly revert, thx…

Comment by DMCBiz Manager Subscribed to comments via email
2007-11-16 17:27:34

write me at if you are interested and we will tell you more on the details. Thanks.

Comment by Peter Pan Subscribed to comments via email
2007-11-25 09:36:15

Hi Mr. Rick i am looking for part time job also. Can you send the details or contact me at my email . Thx!

Comment by norman Subscribed to comments via email
2007-11-29 15:22:17

Interested. Please e-mail me the details.


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