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Chinese female promoter wanted!! Job: Selling printer’s INK working days: every Fri/Sat/Sun Time:12-9pm (2 breaks,40 mins each) Pay: RM80/day + commision Outlet: Carrefour Area: Putrajaya Kepong Sri Petaling Low Yat Mid valley Kindly send your Resume to estacie@gmail.com Subject: your Name,working Area (example: Vinvin,Kepong) RESUME please include: Recent Photo Full Name: IC: contact number: Area:Kepong?Mid valley?... T-shirt size: Working experience:(important) Transportation: car or public transport email: Date availbility to work: Payment of salary will pay by cheque within 1-2 months. p/s: Do not entertain SMS, directly send resume through email. Will reply or call u if u were selected. First come first serve. Good Job never wait !! Dont hesitate, send ur resume now!
Mobile 0164375500 Salary 80/day+comission
Location Putrajaya,Kepong.Midvalley,Sri Petaling,Lowyat Working Hours 12-9pm (2 breaks,40 mins each)
Onsite No Needed Skills aggressive,good looking,independent
Start Date 2008/02/25
Duration every fri/sat/sun
[tags]aggressive,good looking,independent,Kuala Lumpur,Putrajaya,Kepong.Midvalley,Sri Petaling,Lowyat[/tags]

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2008-02-25 16:06:30

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