OHOPC Easy Sign Up Crew Part-time Freelancer preferbally Malay aged 22 - 65 Able to communicate OHOPC concept to the underserved community resides in flats and apartment within klang Valley. Abel to properly introduce the OHOPC packages and payment method (Training will be provided, but will evaluate each performance.) Sales kits will be provided. Distributions leaflets will be provided. Working Hours - 5pm to 9pm Duration - 3 nites per flats/apartment Banner with stand will be deliver to destinated flats/apartments and will be collect back by BuyNow staffs Unfinished Leaflets also collect back by BuyNow staffs Sign up Initial payment will be audit and collect back by BuyNow Staffs Crews must be trustworthy (all personal particular, inclusive photocopy of IC, contacts of parents or relative need to be capture to control of payment collection handling. All contacts should be verify by BuyNow staffs also.) Allowance and Commission RM30 per nite (only work 4 hours.) RM25.20 for each sign up to be paid after processing orders (meaning customers already sign and accept all terms and FPX forms.) RM25.20 on the same case every 6 months (as long as customer continue the payment.) -- Yoon (016-2202227)
Mobile 0162202227 Salary RM30 + Sign up commission
Location Klang Valey Working Hours 5pm - 9pm
Onsite Yes Needed Skills Promotion, friendly, malay speaking
Start Date 2008/03/07
Duration 3-365
[tags]Promotion,malay speaking,Kuala Lumpur,Klang Valey[/tags]

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