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Writers : editing manual and thesis-neg by SUE

Categorized Under (Writers)
need someone asap to edit 1 manual/ workbook and thesis. english is a requirement. can start immediately. knowledge of APA refencing and endnotes would be excellent!
Mobile 0172008087 Salary neg
Location PJ, TTDI Working Hours neg
Onsite No Needed Skills english, APA, +/- endnotes
Start Date 2008/04/29
Duration 3 days

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1 Comment

Comment by SUE Subscribed to comments via email
2008-04-30 23:52:18

Please leave your comment or question here and i will get notified of the message in my email. Thanks.

Comment by Nizam Subscribed to comments via email
2008-05-01 18:16:57

Hi Sue,

I can start immediately. I’m a UM graduate in Comp. Sc. TQ
megatm@maxismail.com.my / 016-2931245.

Comment by Elaine Subscribed to comments via email
2008-05-02 12:21:45

Hi Sue,

I can start immediately. Currently working as steno in one of a big comp. Editing , typing would be no problem

Comment by zawiah Subscribed to comments via email
2008-05-04 20:07:56


I wish to know what manual would it be? Translation or just editing? If any English – malay, im ok with that too.

Im living in TTDI. My weekends are normally free and quiet. I just need somethings to stimulate my minds and read articles as I do not wish to go back to uni to so my masters…

My e mel: zsa38@yahoo.com


Comment by sha Subscribed to comments via email
2008-05-06 15:36:43

Hi Sue,

Im a librarian with good citation skills, both APA or MLA is not a problem for me, i can also do indexing if need be. I’m fluent english and malay, and Im very familiar with thesis/report preparation.

Comment by Jonathan Gan Subscribed to comments via email
2008-05-09 00:16:17

I am a psychology student at HELP. I have indepth knowledge of APA referencing. Let me know if u need a hand.


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