Part-Time Article Writers Wanted I`m looking for candidate that can write articles about SPYWARE REMOVAL.Anything related to spyware removal as long as the information is good and interesting. Here is what you need to do: 1.Write the article(around 350-500 words) 2.Rewrite it back(I will give further explanation about this) Article written must be original(not copy and paste). Pay rate: RM5 per article(both write and rewrite). I need 35 article at the moment.All about spyware removal. I need those 35 articles to be completed in around 2 or 3 weeks. I will tell you the dateline. You should be able to meet dateline. Your English grammar should be good. YOU MUST BE ABLE TO COMMUNICATE WITH ME USING YAHOO MESSEGER. I WOULD PREFER THOSE WHO HAVE YAHOO MESSEGER. Payment method: maybank2u,cimb transfer.But I would prefer maybank2u. I own full rights to the articles that you write. Pls email me at if you are interested. Please also email me your personal details as follows: Send me some of your previous works(If you had any). Name: Age: Gender: If studying (course): If working (profession): Location: Email: Contact no: Please remember that I`m looking for long term relationship and hoping that I can find good writer who can write good and high quality article. If you can write a very good, creative and interesting article,I will surely come back to you. Thanks Azim
Mobile 0125705662 Salary RM5 per article
Location Kangar Working Hours Freelance
Onsite No Needed Skills Writing
Start Date 2009/06/05
Duration 2,3 weeks

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1 Comment

Comment by Azim Subscribed to comments via email
2009-06-05 22:10:23

Please leave your comment or question here and i will get notified of the message in my email. Thanks.

Comment by A Subscribed to comments via email
2009-06-06 08:59:26

there’s no black and white how can i trust u???

Comment by Azim Subscribed to comments via email
2009-06-06 09:39:08

You can refer to my previous post here:

I’m not looking for chance to cheat people, if you don’t trust me, then you shouldn’t also trust other post in this forum, because they also
don’t have black and white.

If you think I will cheat you, give me a call, we can have further
discussion on this.



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