I am looking for an assistance photographer for a wedding photoshooting in Ipoh on 25th Dec morning. The person must have own DSLR camera and lens. New or fresh photographer is ok. Please write me an email if you are willing to take part in this wedding shooting experience.
Mobile 016-5561668 Salary RM120/half day
Location Ipoh Working Hours 8am-1pm
Onsite Yes Needed Skills Photography
Start Date 2009-12-25
Duration 0.5 day

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1 Comment

Comment by Ryan Subscribed to comments via email
2009-11-12 22:17:29

Please leave your comment or question here and i will get notified of the message in my email. Thanks.

Comment by David Leong Subscribed to comments via email
2009-11-13 20:08:52

where is d location?

Comment by Kenny Subscribed to comments via email
2009-11-14 21:30:08

25th Dec 09 at Ipoh?

Comment by GK Kam Subscribed to comments via email
2009-11-16 17:20:59

Hi Ryan,

I’m gk and I’m interested in this job.Now i work as a part time assistant photographer at Kodak Camera Shop.I hope can get futher info from u.Thanks^^


Comment by afshyn Subscribed to comments via email
2009-11-26 06:48:14

hy ryan!

im interested in taking you job offer. I have previously worked with a professional wedding photographer and also have a DSLR.



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