Hey everyone, I own and run with my partner, a small lodging business in KL. We have plans on expanding and are actively acquiring funding from banks and/or investors. Thus, what i am looking for today is an individual who is capable of writing us a simple yet clever business plan. It does NOT have to be 50 pages long. 10 or more pages would be suffice however it has to keep the reader on their toes, basically we want them excited while reading our plan. If you feel, you have what it takes to get that done for us. Please do call or email me anytime. Details: 1. Language: English or BM 2. You can work from home. 3. Payment: RM 50 upfront, RM 50 after the first version, RM 150 upon completion. (hopefully all done in a week) Thank you very much. Kames 0122255482
Mobile 0122255482 Salary RM 250
Location Kuala Lumpur Working Hours flexible
Onsite No Needed Skills Business plan writing
Start Date 2016/03/25
Duration 7days

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Comment by Kames Subscribed to comments via email
2016-03-24 11:53:11

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