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RM300 TO RM800 PER WEEK Writing : writers by Samantha

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To all Malaysian especially student to do this job. We are providing alternative way to earn money from home. Flexible working time and earn more. Requirement: -No working experience necessary - Basic English communication skills -Full training will be provided -Preferred immediately available -Race: ANY RACE! - Able to work in accordance to instructions/ guidelines Working time and location: - work at your own pace (anytime) - work at your preferred comfort zone (anywhere) Skill: - Must be able to Use Microsoft Word or Excel - Basic typing - Internet literate Your Job Responsibilities are mainly posting job vacancy advertisement on certain websites. You do not need to write anything on your own, you just need to type in exactly what is given to you on certain websites. You will be paid as long as you complete the job posting. Therefore, no experience is necessary. There is also no deadline for the work. Therefore, this is an ideal part time job for every individual. Full Time or Part Time is available. Interested, please email to 兼職貼廣告 賺取額外收入 每星期 Rm 300 – Rm 800 工作時間自由 只需要電腦或電話 歡迎學生 , 家庭主婦 , 退休人士 有興趣 email 我
Mobile 016 Salary RM300 TO RM800 PER WEEK
Location writers Working Hours Flexible
Onsite No Needed Skills typing
Start Date immediate
Duration long term

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