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Models Jobs Girls and boys Students and Foreigners are welcome Becoming a successful model does not require you to be stick thin. Models are accepted in all types of sizes from 6- 16 it all varies. What you need to have is a good attitude and willingness to work hard. Many successful models are plus size in this new era so all shapes are welcome. The majority of jobs are based around your flexibility. If successful you could find yourself doing Catalogue, Plus size modelling, Commercial, High fashion, Promotional work, Hand modelling, Hair and Beauty and many more different areas. More importantly it pays extremely very well. Do the points below relate to yourself – . Think your attractive . Want part time or full time . Able to travel if needed by clients Please apply to this great job and find out if you have what it takes. Please reply with the following information – . Your measurements, such as height, age, bust and dress size (if female) . A recent picture or two of yourself . Your CONTACT NUMBER AND EMAIL ADDRESS (in case we wish to contact you) All the best! email is for registration
Mobile 0132154xxx Salary 4800
Location KL and JB Working Hours flexible
Onsite Yes Needed Skills beauty and smart
Start Date anytime
Duration as long u want stay

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