I'm providing services at Home in designing whatever size banners, posters, logo and anything what you want me to design. Only RM20 per design. Usually I'm taking few hour to finish any design depend on my free time. Kindly whatsapp me 01127651553 for more detail. Saya menyediakan perkhidmatan design banner, poster, logo dan apa-apa yang anda mahu, saya boleh tolong designkan. Hanya RM20 per Design. Kebiasaannya saya mengambil beberapa jam untuk menyiapkan apa-apa design bergantung kepada masa lapang. Sila WhatsApp 01127651553 untuk maklumat lanjut.
Mobile 01127651553 Salary RM20/DESIGN
Location Home Working Hours Anytime
Onsite No Needed Skills Graphic
Start Date -
Duration Freelance

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