Looking for part time writer to write about property in Malaysia. | REQUIREMENT : To write article based on provided requirement with around 200 - 300 words, in grammatically correct English. We will provide you with topic, keywords to use and a basic guideline for each article we require. You need to do basic research on the topic to write factually. | FEES PER ARTICLE : RM5 per article. Payment will be paid to PERSONAL Maybank account only. | COPYRIGHTS : We will own the full copyrights of the article you\'ve written. We have an on-going project to write hundreds of articles on the above and we will be choosing the right writer for the task. To be considered for the project, please submit an article for the below:- 1. Topic : Buying property in Malaysia 2. Length : 200 - 300 words Tips - this should be a light read, so avoid jargons and use simple easy to understand vocabulary. ---------------------------------------- Submit it together with your name, age, gender, email address and current profession. We will be in touch with you if you are chosen. ---------------------------------------- generic arimidex costAnastrozole generic cost cheap prednisone 20mg Prednisone natural alternative stromectol online kaufenStromectol 3 mg tablets zoloft generic price walmart100mg of zoloft for anxiety doxycycline 100mg online doxycycline generic cost
Mobile gomalaysiaproperty@gmail.com Salary RM5 PER ARTICLE
Location Home Based Working Hours Flexible
Onsite No Needed Skills Writing, Research via Web
Start Date 2016/07/15
Duration On Going

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