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RM800/MONTH Interns : Finance Intern by Josephine

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Finance Intern Required Job Scope: 1) Assist with account receivable, payable and bank recon 2) Assist in credit collection, opportunities to deal with various parties 3) Claim approval activity 4) Any other tasks allocated by immediate supervisor Requirements: 1) Possess basic accounting knowledge 2) Willing to learn and good attitude 3) Detail in work 4) Able to speak English and Mandarin 5) Able to start work at soonest 6) College/University students are welcomed to apply Advantages: - Good learning ground, especially to full set account - Good working experience, get exposed to SAP system - 5 days per week job - Location reacheable by public transport Interested applicants please email your resume to josephineooi880@gmail.com arimidex overdose treatmentAnastrozole generic cost why does doxycycline cost so much doxycycline online order stromectol order onlineStromectol 3 mg tablets prednisone cost no insurance Prednisone natural alternative
Mobile 017-2151883 Salary RM800/MONTH
Location KL Sentral Working Hours 9am-6pm
Onsite Yes Needed Skills Accounting knowledge, willing to learn
Start Date Immediate
Duration 3-6 months

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2016-07-12 14:23:31

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