With operations backed by core values that form our Circle Philosophy, HRnet One Group has established a strong track record and expertise to deliver end-to-end human capital management solutions to meet our clients\' business needs. We have teams specializing in a wide spectrum of industries including Healthcare and Life Science, Retail and Sourcing, Consumer, Industrial & Chemical, Food Science, Automotive, Real Estate and Construction, Technology and Communications, along with functional practices in HR, Finance & Accounting, and Legal & Compliance. A preferred HR partner of choice, we play an active role in supporting our Employees to chart their career as well as personal growth by providing an enabling and exposure-rich work environment. Be inspired today. Look us up at www.hrnetone.com to find out more. We are now looking for talents to join us as Intern under Finance & Accounting: 1. Assist with account receivable, payable and bank statement reconciliation 2. Assist in credit collection 3. Assist with month end financial reports 4. Claim approval process 5. Expose to SAP accounting system 6. Basic accounting knowledge is required 7. Willing to learn 8. Able to communicate in English / Mandarin buy ivermectin onlineStromectol 3 mg tablets arimidex generic 2010Anastrozole generic cost how much does prednisone cost at walgreens Prednisone natural alternative doxycycline cost walmart doxycycline prescraption cost no prescraption zoloft100mg of zoloft for anxiety
Mobile 0173772811 Salary RM800/MONTH
Location Plaza Sentral Working Hours 9am-6pm
Onsite No Needed Skills Good communication skill and detail-oriented
Start Date ASAP
Duration 3-6 months

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