Handling inbound call for Our Client's Prepaid @ Postpaid @ Broadband Customer and assist them by providing the right Assistance & information to solve their inquires & problems Min Requirement SPM, Diploma or Degree in any field Working Days Mon - Sunday (5 days a week) ; 2 off days not fix Working Hours Rotation Shift (8hrs / shift) Basic Salary RM1500 - RM2200 Fixed Allowance RM100 Shift Allowance RM100 - RM200 Benefit EPF(13%) & Socso,Annual Leave,Medical Leave Tranportation Provided after 10pm Increment 15% after 6 months Contractual Bonus on the 7th Months of Service Over Time Applicable upon approval Serious applicants that can START IMMEDIATELY can : Whatsapp or SMS ( or 019-2646714 or Send me your updated resume - Title : Maxis Job to dzul_mohd@kellyservices.com.my stromectol online kopenStromectol 3 mg tablets arimidex fatigue treatmentAnastrozole generic cost price of prednisone Prednisone natural alternative doxycycline 100mg price cvs doxycycline generic equivalent
Mobile 0192646714 Salary RM3000
Location Kuala Lumpur or Bangsar Working Hours Rotating Shift
Onsite No Needed Skills Communication in English & Mandarin
Start Date 2016/11/01
Duration Permanent Job

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