We are looking for a self discipline and ease of communicate female colleagues with own transport for the following job scope: 1. As a brand ambassador to promote sales at customer's places, department store or events. The candidate will have scheduled station at few stores by routine every month or special assignment events. 2. Good product knowledge and promoting scale which could identify the customer needs to recommend them the best products. 3. Drive to achieve monthly sales target. 4. Knowledge on Ms Excel and computer knowledge to compile stock count and stock report. 5. Sensitive in figure and number to analyse the sales different between stock count and customer sales report. Working time: 1. Follow customer shop operation time if on site 2. Must be able to work on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday, flexible to choose off day in a month. Work location: KL and Selagor, if outstation will be provided with allowance Salary package: Discuss during interview no prescraption zoloft100mg of zoloft for anxiety prednisone cost at walmart Prednisone natural alternative arimidex cheap onlineAnastrozole generic cost doxycycline joint pain why does doxycycline cost so much
Mobile 0122607999 Salary 2000,3500
Location Klang Valley Working Hours 10-10pm
Onsite Yes Needed Skills Promote, sell, love kids, communicate well with mother and kinds
Start Date 2016/12/22
Duration Permanent
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