Looking for some breakthrough in your career? We are definitely the opportunity you are looking for, a platform for you to have a better career opportunity and advancement. We are currently open for the following positions: 1. PROJECT MARKETING AMBASSADORS 2. MARKETING REPRESENTATIVES Job Scope: A. Represent client to perform face to face sales presentation B. Join in regular sales and marketing activities with the team in business campaigns, community campaigns, roadshow and event C. To be trained or to manage a sales team Requirements: 1. 19 years old and above, MALAYSIAN only 2. Humble to learn; passionate to guide 3. Team player and can work independently without supervision 4. Obtain a valid passport for travel purposes #no experience needed,training provided# Join us now by sending in your resume to pauline0311.blossom@gmail.com or call Pauline@0183697520.
Mobile 0183697520 Salary RM400-RM800/WEEK
Location KL Area Working Hours 8am - 5.30pm
Onsite No Needed Skills No skills or experiences needed for training is provided
Start Date Immediately
Duration Internship

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