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250-1500/DAY General : Marketing Consultant by Mr.A

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- Marketing Consultant (RM1500-RM8000 per week, 6-7 FIGURES MYR YEARLY) [URGENT] - Genuine Work - Service market at China to Employment Opportunity To Earn Extra Income - You only need to: Present company's background and products to clients - Hostel, refreshment and transport fee will be provided by company - Own formal costume, ready 2 mobiles, iPad or laptop - Requirement: - Above 18 years old - No working experience necessary - Able to speak and read Chinese and English - Male, Able traveling at oversea for long term - At least SPM level, Fresh graduates are welcomed - Full training will be provided - Preferred immediately available - Serious on work - Able to work in accordance to instructions/ guidelines - Must be able to Use IPad, Samsung tab and laptop - Internet literate Full Time. - If you are interested, please pm to +8613246768878(whatsapp). Your message should include: Full Name: Age: Gender: Occupation: Current Address: Contact Number: The vacancy is limited as we are working on first-come-first-served basis.
Mobile +8613246768878 Salary 250-1500/DAY
Location China Working Hours 9am-9pm
Onsite No Needed Skills Able to speak and read in Chinese and English
Start Date 2017/04/04
Duration 26

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