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RM1500-RM2500 General : Service Coordinator by W Y Ong

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Service Coordinator - Fear of limited education background that might affect your career? - You do not foresee your future career path at your current job? - Does your current administrative jobs get you bored? - Facing late salary payment scheme? - Are you tired of company political issues? We need:- - A super-organized get-it-done type of person who has very good communication skills talking to customer. - A typist with good computer skills e.g., Excel and Microsoft Work - A female. Age 19-35 - A person who can work independently, self-discipline and team –oriented. - A person who has good command in English and Malay. Your Job:- - Attending to the installation and assist in commissioning of equipment in-house Maintaining proper filing system for service and maintenance documents. - Responsible in coordinate/feedback on customer’s inquiry and complaint of equipment break down or other job which related servicing. - Preparation of service and maintenance reports. - To perform certain other duties, relating to service and maintenance, deem necessary by the company.
Mobile +60172860151 Salary RM1500-RM2500
Location Bandar Bukit Puchong Working Hours 8:30am-6:00pm
Onsite Yes Needed Skills Computer
Start Date 2017/08/01
Duration Full Time

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