Subject of text: Internet, e-Commerce, discraption of clothes and other commodities Source languages: English Desktop publishing: excel and word Services: Quality Evaluation to evaluate the quality of the language translation (The quality of source and the target maybe poor, you should evaluate the quality of them and select all error types(both source and target) according to the guideline. We prefer to work with those who can respond within a few minutes rather than a few hours for efficiency's sake. AND IT WILL BE NICE IF YOU SEED YOUR CV with the file name changed to YOUR NAME + SERVICES+RATES Translate: from English to Thai
Mobile 18011410631 Salary 0.025-0.045USD PER SOURCE WORD
Location China(you can work at home) Working Hours flexiblle
Onsite Yes Needed Skills Thai-native, good English skills
Start Date March.2018
Duration over one year

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