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RM200/DAY IT Freelance : FLEXIBLE PART TIME by Ziyan

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Do you want to enjoy flexible working hours? Do you want to enjoy the benefits of working at home? Do you hate taking instructions from bosses? ENJOY THE FLEXIBILITY OF WORKING FROM HOME, OR ANYWHERE! With a phone/ computer/ tablet that has internet access. And you, possessing the ability to read, understands and write Chinese, you CAN! Working hours are flexible, you can do it when you are free, anytime, anywhere! Please PM me for more information 想要自由安排工作时间? 想要在家里自由工作? 最讨厌听老板指示,想要工作自由? 你能够享受这一切,而且还能够有份稳定又充裕的薪水! 只要你懂中文,只要你拥有一个手机或者电脑,你都能够追求这些! 不受地点,时间的控制,随时随地想开工就开工,想赚钱就赚钱!
Mobile 6591549574 Salary RM200/DAY
Location home,anywhere Working Hours free
Onsite No Needed Skills chinese language
Start Date asap
Duration long term

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