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500 IT Freelance : Work from home by Grace

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Genuine Work From Home Employment Opportunity To Earn Extra Income. Earn up to RM200 - RM700 per weeks (based on your efforts) You only need to: - (1) Advertise & process customer data that is sent via email. (2) Working from home, cyber cafe, offices, colleges, and others. (3) Any time (set your own time schedule). Requirements: * Aged 16 years and above * Basic knowledge of computer (typing, Internet, email, etc.) * No prior experience necessary *Can work according to the instruction / guidelines * Full Time or Part Time is available Interested, please email to gtan92@yahoo.com to apply or leave your email in comment, thx.
Mobile - Salary 500
Location Malaysia Working Hours 100
Onsite No Needed Skills IT skill
Start Date immediately
Duration anytime

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