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RM2500 General : Recruitment Consultant by Chan

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- Jalan Perak, Bukit Bintang area (near KLCC or Soho Suites) - Agency dealing with recruitment / staffing services - Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm - Basic salary: RM2000 to RM2800 (depending on experience) - Incentive: Depends on team sales and individual performance - Scope: Post job advertisements on social media and job sites, brief candidates over the phone, prepare hiring agreements to clients and offer letters to candidates, handle general administration tasks, achieve weekly and monthly targets - Requirements: Malaysians aged 18 and above, fresh graduates can be accepted, goal-oriented in trying to hire as many candidates as possible (hit monthly sales or hiring target) * If you are target-oriented and enjoy interacting over the phone with candidates, please send your resume to cherish_chan@kellyservices.com.my or call 03-2203 0891 during office hours.
Mobile 03-22030891 Salary RM2500
Location KL Working Hours Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm
Onsite Yes Needed Skills Communication
Start Date ASAP
Duration Full-time

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