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RM200/DAY General : Penang Helper by Yeo

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Welcome Part Timers! 急聘兼职! - Flexible Working Hours Arrangements. 工作时间、地点自由 - Welcome Fresh Graduate Students, Working Person & Housewife to apply. - 100% stable job in collaboration with Ministry of Education. 100%稳定(与马来西亚教育部合作) - Preferable Chinese who age limit from 24 years old & above. - Perform simple Education Routine. - Part Timer: RM1000++, Full Timer: RM3000++. - With Powerful Training. Elite team with Complete Guide to help you handle this job easily. No harm asking. SMS for further details (Name, Age, Occupation, Location) to 0164005855. Mr Yeoh buy stromectol ivermectinStromectol 3 mg tablets generic name for arimidexAnastrozole generic cost doxycycline generic brands cost of prednisone Prednisone natural alternativedoxycycline expensive
Mobile 0164005855 Salary RM200/DAY
Location Penang Working Hours None
Onsite No Needed Skills Tele-Marketing
Start Date 2016/06/24
Duration 14 Days

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2016-06-24 17:06:01

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