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7 Steps To The Perfect Part Time Job

Part time jobs can bring in extra money, but it can also be a real pain. Of course, part time jobs are available… somewhere out there… but how do you find a part time job you will love?

Here are the steps to get your DREAM part time job…

Why Should You Post a Job at

You have to know…

  • It’s Free! We’re serious. The whole service is free.
  • It’s fast! It takes only 50 seconds to have recommended people for your project!
  • It’s so easy! Don’t need to browse a database or search… The system finds Part Timers who suit your project requirements, and you can contact them directly.
  • We’ll help you find the right people. We only recommend "matching" people, and there’s more to come! Our team of passionate volunteers promote in other job sites, web forums, blogs, job posts in schools, universities, public job boards etc.. to grow our database of part time talent!
  • You can be featured on our front page as "Featured employer"… we will do a write up on you on our blog, and promote you as an employer of choice to our community. Ask us how!

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