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How To Tell If a Part Time Job Is a Scam

The top warning signs?

  • You need to pay them to start working for them.
  • You don’t need to do any real work, only recruit others / tell others.

You should NEVER have to pay your employer to work for them! Here is a true story

first, we must pay RM150 for the service charge, consultation fee and also we have to signed for an agreement. The next day, They called and informed us that we have to wait another 7 days to go to collect the assignment. A week later, they called us..guess what? they said that the company had management problems and they couldn’t hire us to work with them.

That was taken from real examples of Malaysians getting conned available on

The 8 most common work-at-home scams according to a US based article are

  • Envelope stuffing.
  • Email Processors.
  • Home Typists (also Order Taker/Application Taker).
  • Craft/Electronic Assembly.
  • Lists of companies that hire home-based workers.
  • Reading books for pay

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