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How to make RM2856/Month by just writing blog?

Do you ever find yourself thinking about blogging as a new generation of Part Time Job? If no, then you should read this post to learn up how to earn minimum of $840 / RM2586 (1USD = RM3.40) per month by just writing blog. Eventually, it will turn out to be your long-term part time job.

According to Desi, you will get $15-$30 per day by following his guide. The first step is make sure your blog meet the following requirements:

  1. Minimum 3 posts per day with 100-300 words per post. You may write up to 5 posts.
  2. Your blog must be 3 months old and above. It is not a quick cash scheme. Be patient to wait for this opportunity if your blog still young.
  3. Your blog must be in English. Currently, most of the advertiser only advertise on English blog. I guess other language will be supporting soon.
  4. You must write your own content. No Copy cat here!
  5. Frequent posting activity - Your blog must be updated frequently.
  6. No community blog - All the content must be written by you and no other author.
  7. Only Text Content Blogs. No video blogs.

Freelance Jobs Website Review -

Last week, we discussed about Freelance job in Malaysia, now, we going to talk more about where to find freelance jobs. Normally, freelancer jobs are posted at forums or freelance job sites. Let’s start our first review on Freelance Job Sites.

I spent 2 hours to google for "Freelance Job Sites", surprisingly, there are not many freelance job sites in Malaysia. One of the hottest site I found is They are pretty established and have many freelance jobs posted with them.

Apparently, the listed jobs are mostly IT-related jobs such as web design, web application development, and translation jobs. How about freelance jobs from other industry? Is it the freelance concept not mature for other industry? We will research on that in the coming post.

Anyway, cut it short. We are not going to review their jobs but their website. Here is our findings:

How can we help you?

Since we are a community to help you guys find part time jobs, we would like to know what is your expectation from us? More jobs? What kind of jobs? We need your feedback and studies on who to approach.

For example, you want to work as event organizer, we approach an events companies to ask for more jobs. If you want to work in market research field, then we approach market research firms. All we need is which field you interested, then we will approach the relevant companies to get more jobs for you. Tell us now smile_wink

How much is your salary?

This is a common question in our life of employment. I am sure everybody will ask their peers and friends about their salary. What do you get from them? A very brief answer such as "between 3000 to 4000". Do you satisfy with this answer? Of course not right.

Most of the time, we don’t want to let our friends or colleagues to know about our real salary. It is because salary is very sensitive and confidential. In this case, you never know how much you worth. You never know are you underpaid or overpaid compare to the market value / your colleagues.

Today, we just soft launched our sister website - - an online community where professionals anonymously share their salary. You are invited to share your salary with the community. The community will review it and feedback on your salary.

Freelance Jobs in Malaysia

Nowadays, the industry is focusing on Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Most of the big companies are outsourcing their non-core-business to third party service providers. For example, a shoe manufacturer need a website for their marketing purposes, they not going to hire a permanent web developer to do the website for them. They rather outsource it to someone who experts in doing it. These people are so called Freelancer.

Even you want to outsource some project, but you need a market place to find the right freelancer for your project. Here is the exist of freelance website. There got a pool of freelancers who skilled in different areas of expertises such as Arts, Graphic Design, Business, Computer programming, writing, translation, etc.

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