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Freelancer Community Review -

Today, I was looking for a killer message for our going-to-launch Freelance Community website. I came across this nice blog - There have a lot of good resources for freelancer. I found some very good and useful tool to help freelance to make their life easier. One of it is the Rates Calculator rates calculator. If you have problem to quote your customer, probably this is the tool you looking for ….

… this hourly rate calculator to give you a guide based on your costs, number of billable hours and desired profit. It is a simple tool for you to play with …..

Get Your free domain

imageEarly of the month, I saw this blogger - Calvyn offers a Free Domain promotion. What you need to do is just write a short review on his blog. Just like what I am doing below:

Calvyn is an IT Officer, he blog about his IT Officer life. He is now giving away free domain to who ever review his blog.

Once you write a review on his blog, he will transfer USD 9.95 to your paypal / Google Checkout account. Then, purchase your own domain and start blogging. May be you interested on knowing How to make RM2856/Month by just writing blog?

Help Us on Survey

blog advertisement Early of the month, I signup with - Asia’s Better Blog Advertising Network. This network help blogger like me to make money through targeted advertising.

I am sure you will see many Malaysian Blog have these animation advertisement on their blog:

survey jobpart time survey job

Actually, this control has a build-in engine to detect the content of a blog that sign up with them. Then, it will feed the relevant advertisement to display on the blog.

However, Adverlets required certain amount of data from the blog readers before you allow to display the relevant ads. How they do it? Going through the survey. You will notice the survey form below is placed on the sidebar of this blog.

survey job

To complete the pool/survey, I need to have 50 survey from my reader then I will start to show some useful ads for you guys. Kindly help me to complete the survey if you think we are useful and helped you on looking for part time jobs. Please kindly leave a message after you make a survey. I would like to take this opportunity to know you more and find the right part time job for you.

Beware of Scam from Taiwan - Part 2

Today I received the follow up call from the scammer. They are talking about money as per continue from Beware of Scam from Taiwan - Part 1. After talking about the high return share investment, Michael pass me to his accounting Manager - Richard Davis, to help me on creating trading account with them.

During our 20 minutes conversation, Richard keep telling me once I commit into this transaction, they will proceed to hold the share in stock market. Come on, he think I never play share before. Where can hold share one? Luckily, I got some knowledge on share investment in local market. Check out my recent investment history.

I lazy to entertain them and asked them to drop me some email on registering the account. Here is the con-man’s email :

Dear Mr. xxxx,
As discussed with your Senior Portfolio Manager Mr. Michael Taylor, your order has been entered and accepted for the purchase of 100 Devon Energy Corp. shares at a price of $77.53 per share for a total of $7,830.53.

Please be advised that the trade confirmation allocating the share
purchase and all the relevant account opening documents as well as the necessary payment instructions have been duly attached. The documents included are the: Trade Confirmation, New Account Application, Client Relationship Account Agreement, W8 Tax Exemption Form and Payment Instructions.

Information regarding our company Scott Fitzgerald Group Ltd. can be found in our corporate website
I trust all the above will meet with your requirements and I will call you
shortly to help you with all the paperwork. In the meantime please sign and date the trade confirmation and send it back to me by either fax or email so we can start the process of establishing your account.

Best Regards,
Richard Davis
Senior Allocations & Compliance Officer
Tel: +886 2 8758 2824
Fax: +886 2 6602 1072


I really respect this scammer on their attitude - Never Give Up. Even I mentioned only have 200USD monthly income, but they still keep asking me to invest 35 times of my paid. They always think we are stupid. Anyway, I added this scam company into our scam list. Please beware of this scammer and pass it on to your friends and family.

Beware of Scam from Taiwan - Part 1

Today, I got a call from a guy - Michael Taylor from Taiwan. He is working in this company - Scott Fitzgerald Group Limited . I don’t know where he got my contact from, most probably from because I only shown my contact there as for my brother’s business.

The objective of calling me is scam me with his share investment plan. There is a Chinese blue chip stock - DVN Energy which listed in NYSE. Recently, they just received an oil and gas production contract worth USD20 billion from China Government. The current share price is USD77.56 but the market still don’t know this insider news yet. Once it announced to public, it will shoot up to USD200++. If I invest with them, The returns will be >100%. This is attractive right? Do you believe it?

I been listening to his bullshit for 30 minutes. Yes, 30 minutes talking about stock. Since I am free and would like to hear how they scam us, then, I share their tactic with the community.

This is the funny part. After 30 minutes of stock bullshit, then he start asking on my background. Firstly, ask how old am I and my occupation? Then I answer 18yo and working as an office boy with USD200 monthly salary. Of course it is fake data. I am short of 8 years old :P. I purposely play with him and he stunned for awhile…….

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