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Unexpected Employer in Low Yat Forum

Today, I was browsing the Low Yat forum to check out any new part time jobsimage for our community. I saw this interesting ads - Part Time Job at Jusco by AEON. I never expect Jusco will look for part timer in forum. There are one of the top retailer in Malaysia. Normally, they just post vacancy poster at their branch.

May be the offered job is about IT - Promoting Jusco Website. Perhaps, Low Yat is the best place to source for part timer for the time being. We are slowly taking over the place from Low Yat as the place to look for part time job. :)

As per normal, I invited them to share their job with us. The feedback is positive and they requested us to post the job on behalf of him. Check out the job - Part Time Promoter @ Jusco. On top of that they are looking for some promoters for their stores. Here is email from them:

Bar Ambassadors Wanted

Last Friday, I saw this job Bar Ambassador posted at low yat forum. I curious about it because it is new to me. I never heard this job title before. Thus, I call her up before I write this blog post on telling you guys.

This girl - Joanne who have a sweet voice :) answered my call. We have a short conversation as below (conversation might be truncated because my memory is dropping :P):

Me: Hello, may I speak to Joanne?

Joanne: Yeah, I am. Can I help you?

Me: I am the community manager for I saw your job - Bar Ambassador which posted at low yat forum. I would like to get more information about it and share with my community members. Can you tell me more about it?

Joanne: Sure. Basically, I am looking for few girls to promote some branded liquor (Can’t disclose here) in few bars/pubs around KL / PJ.

Me: Oic. Let’s come to the interesting point. How much is the pay?

Joanne: We pay quite well for this job. Basic is RM130 + commission. The commission is based on their sales. All the pay will be paid by end of the work.

Me: What is the requirement of the girl?

Joanne: They must be Pretty, Slim and at least 5′4" tall. They must skilled in promoting product and do sales. The more sales you do, the higher commissions you get.

Me: How is the working time?

Joanne: This job only required to work for 4 hours. Starting from night time. We will tell more during interview.

Me: How to apply it?

Joanne: Send their profile with photo, working experience and preferable working place to Currently, we have two location to choose: KL and PJ. We will tell which bars to work after the interview with us.

Me: Is the transportable included?

Joanne: Yes. We will gather at a location and send them to the respective bars.

Me: Have to wear any Uniform like those selling cigarette in the pub?

Joanne: We will provide uniform. No worry, the uniform is in decent look.

Me: Hi Joanne, it is very clear to me. Thanks for your information. I will post this job at my community website.

Joanne: If they have any question, please drop me a text/Call me @ 016-4340372.

Me: Thanks, Joanne. If you have any similar jobs in the future, please don’t forget to share with us. Cheers.

A Head Hunter Week for me

I am wondering how come I am so hot in the job market. I received my 2 calls from 2 different Head Hunters within a week. Both of the offered job pay 30-50% extra from my current pay. I simply rejected their offer because I am not working for money since I setup this community website. I love finding more jobs for this community.

Anyway, one of the main concern of changing job for me is Flexibility. Initially, I tender my resignation letter this month. However, my company offered me a special Flexibility option for me. Starting from next month, I will be working 4 days a week instead of 5. But I get pay cut of 20%. Fair right? Or you think I am stupid?

With the extra 1 day off, I will contribute back to the community. Find more jobs from event companies, market research companies, and NGO. I know the more times I spend on growing this community, the faster AsiaPartTime grow to a next level. How do you think about it?

BTW, do you think I am stupid on rejecting the offered job opportunity? 30-50% extra !!! Sometime, I will think I am make the wrong move but I always believe work for passion instead of money. Let’s time to proof it. The more support from you, the more enjoyable for me.

Looking for Blogger member

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Part Time Job Resources Review - Rules

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