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Is online survey a scam?

Recently, there is a member post up a job on Earn Money from SurveysurveyJob . Look at the rewards they giving, 1000-2000USD (don’t know per week / month). It sound like too good to be true. So, I remove this job from our job board.

Actually, I believe on earning money from survey but this job really too much. Look at the referral link attached in the job, this guy is trying to earn money from referral fees instead of doing survey to earn some bucks.

I remember 2 years back, I got this idea to develop an engine to let research company to create the survey form in a fly. Unfortunately, this project is failed due to lack of commitment. Anyway, I did a lot of research on this kind of earn from survey programs. Most of it is located in oversea.

New Way of Creating Your Own Blog Community

Recently, I joined a social network for blog readers - MyBlogLog. image This is a very popular community. You will see many blog already joined them and installed a widget on their blog. For example, you will see a widget box with all the blog reader’s avatar on my sidebar.image

Whenever a blogger who joined MyBlogLog and visit this blog, their avatar will be show on the widget. Then, I know which blogger visited this blog and able to see their profile at MyBlogLog.

In MyBlogLog, each blog is consider a community. You are invited to join my community and get to know each other better. If you haven’t join MyBlogLog, hurry up and join the train to create your own blog community.

The Best Job Recruitment of the Year

Look at this thread at Job Enlistment in Low Yat forum. It is so funny.

If you know a girl who got pregnant by a boyfriend who refuses to take responsibility - this is her lucky day. I know a guy who is willing to marry her, provided she meet the following requirements:
- must be legal age (17-35)
- must be slim (pre-pregnancy)
- must be good-looking.
- speaks English
- level-headed (basically meaning she got pregnant because of a mistake, not because she’s a feng tau chick who sleeps with 100 men)
Dun worry, the guy is not a 70-year-old hawker He is Chinese, educated, financially stable, late 20s and so on … just that he recently suffered from a traumatic experience and is battling depression. He needs to care for someone and be cared for … and yes, he’ll take care of the baby.
No, he won’t marry just any pregnant girl-lah, they must be able to click.
This may be one of my last posts in LYN … so for details, PM me or e-mail
This offer has no expiry date ….it’ll only be closed when he has found the right girl. Heck, snicker and flame all you want, but note down the e-mail. You’ll never know, one day one of your friends might be in trouble.

Job site Review -

There is a new job site in the town - image I got to know this site from this thread posted in Low Yat Forum. I guess we are the first blog that review them since they launch recently.

Basically, the job site have three attractive points:

  • Publish your resume, CV and portfolio online under your own name - and is accessible to anyone and everyone 24hrs a day 365 days a year. And is completely free!
    • You will be given a sub domain to represent your profile. For example, I create my profile as This idea is good for Search Engine Optimizer. Next Time, you google "AsiaPartTime", there is a high possibility that my profile will appear.
  • Secondly, to post jobs with only one click (the Submit button) without the need to register first.
    • This is a good tactic to have people to use your service without sign in first. We are going to use this concept for our next version of We bring 1 step forward which is you never have to create any account with us anymore. Everything is done through email.
  • Thirdly, I like their RSS feed for each category. Personally, I am a fans of RSS. Unfortunately, no many people in Malaysia know how to use RSS feed. They still prefer email. I didn’t see any place to subscribe the job updates through email like the Lina-Job from JobStreet. It is very important to provide email updates. My advice is use FeedBurners to manage the RSS Feed and the email subscription.

PC Fair Job - Part 2

Today I received two posting about PC Fair Jobs. If you are from Malacca and Alor Star, Kedah, then these job are suitable for you. Basically, these jobs are posted by the same fellow. Here is the respective details:

* Location: Malacca
* Job Scope: PC fair promoter
* Requirement: 18 or above
* Date Needed:17~19 august 2007
* Working Hour: 10:00am~10:00pm
* Salary / Benefit:60 per day (by cash on 19 august)
* Contact (Email/Phone) : marvin
* Contact Person:012 3956139
Additional Information :aggressive and good skill in promoting products

* Location: Star Parade, Alor Star, Kedah
* Job Scope: PC fair Promoter
* Requirement:18 or above , aggressive
* Date Needed:17~19 august 2007
* Working Hour: 10:00~10:00
* Salary / Benefit:60 per day
* Contact (Email/Phone) :012 3956139
* Contact Person:marvin
Additional Information : you should be aggressive and responsibility.

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