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Is "Data entry Made Easy" a scam?

Today, I received a reported scam company from Ashley. He She shared his her experience on being scam by this data entry program - "Data Entry Made Easy" from Internet. Here is what he she said:

..I paid for the membership fee cost USD49.95 in order to get involve to the good paying part time job as easy as only copy and paste the data into a form. Sounds easy, right? But after I went thru every info in the member area, i realized that was only scam as the websites provided were not exsit at all. So, pls don’t get cheat by those good paying online survey or data entry jobs…

It made me curious and decided to give an review on this data entry job scam.

Firstly, I paid a visit to their website.image The first entry page is a long copy sales letter which gave a clear message on what they selling. Basically, you paid USD99.95 (latest price) to register as their Data Entry Worker. Then they will introduce some data entry jobs to you.

At this point of time, I am 60% sure this is a scam. Why? Simply because it fall into one of the key point in our scam guide - Paid to work.

Freelance Sources for Graphic Designer

If you are graphic designer who want to find some freelance jobs, you should probably visit this site - image

Coroflot is a career and community site for creative professionals. Coroflot hosts individual creative portfolios and a database of job and project openings. The thriving community that visits the site daily represents a cross-section of the global design industry-working designers, design managers, internal and external hiring professionals, business managers of design firms, marketing and product management professionals, students, and educators.

This site is recommended by my colleague who is master in web design. She got quite a number of freelance jobs from this web site. If you interested, look at her profile.

What she do is just create a profile and upload her portfolio onto it. Then, the service buyer will come and look for you if they think your works suit their taste. This website is serving international service buyer. Thus, please quote your freelance fees in USD currency. 

Help Us on Survey - Result Update - 2nd week

After 2 weeks of launching the Survey campaign, I got quite a number of response. Now, I know more about my readers. Here is my analysis on the collected data:


imageI have more female reader than male reader. Is it more female looking for part time jobs? Where is those male?



Almost 50% of the survey respondents are fall under aged of 21-25. Most of them are college students and fresh workers. During this age, it is your honey mood years but your income is limited. They need part time job to sustains the high expenses.

I would probably come out a new product for this group of people. Let’s give you some clues: Do you think these people own any house? How many of them are renting house/room? Hope you know what I am hinting here :)

Job Blog Review - SkorCareer

Few days back, I got contacted by Zul from He did a very nice review [More Part Time Jobs at] for us. In returned, I will review his website as per mention in our previous post [Looking for Blogger Member].

So far, this is the only blog that talked about career in Malaysia. It is very good for students and under-graduate. If you are students, then you may find a lot of interview tips and latest scholarship opportunity. For example, he introduced Dell Graduate Attachment Program, Bursa Malaysia Scholarship 2007/2008 and The Maxis Scholarship Award, all these information are very useful for students. Grad your opportunity from these opportunities. Don’t waste it.

As he tole me, one of his major income from this blog is providing Resume Writing service for job seeker. You only pay RM150 for a professional written resume. I think it is worth the value. Unfortunately, I am not buying it because I have the access to the world’s biggest resume bank. I can copy anytime I want as long as I still working with my current company.

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