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Free Blog Hosting for Blogger

If you are blogger and wish to have your own domain, then you are on the right track with us. Today, I got to know this blogger- who is offering free blog hosting for blogger that have their own domain.

Why you need a web hosting?
Here is the good example giving by BengHan:

Domain Name : House Plate Number
Hosting Account : House

To own a blog, you will need to host your domain name under a hosting account so that your visitors can visit your blog.

To own a house (blog), you will need to get your house plate number (domain name) and nail it onto a gate/house (hosting account) so that your friends can visit your house (blog).

What is the benefit of having your own domain?

  • Professional
    It gives you a more serious and professional “appearance” on the Net. Even if they allowed it and could handle the volume of traffic, hosting a busy commercial website on an individual’s free web space or on a free server like GeoCities isn’t very practical or profession
  • Future Money
    Nobody else will get the name that you need. In the early days of the Web, people would register domain names later to be coveted by large corporations; and a few made lots of money selling their rights to those names before the practice was made illegal. But even now, anyone with a business similar to yours may lay claim to the perfect name and you’d have to settle for a less desirable choice.
  • Better SEO
    It helps people find you through search engines. Sites like Yahoo! and
    Google have taken on immense importance, and getting your site in users’ search results is key to establishing new relationships with them. Many search engines only index the first page of a site with a domain name, and some refuse to list pages on free hosting sites at all!
  • Branding
    It increases your name recognition and allows your friends, family or
    customers to remember more easily how to find you and your site. It’s a lot easier to remember than it is to remember It helps brand your image and adds a level of trust and integrity to your site. You don’t want to be the attorney at the city club with an e-mail address like when everybody’s passing out their business cards!

New Blood injection

Do you surprise that we have a new interface for How do imageyou think about this new interface? Do you like it? I hope you do :)

Actually, we are using the totally new platform for our site. With this new platform, communication between part timer and employer is much better comapre to old patform. Now, you just simply leave your question and your contact in the comment box. Then, the employer will be get notified through email. Then, both of you start the communication offline or online. It is up to you.

In addition, employer could simply post a job without going through account registration but just a simple email validation will do. Of course, as a community lead, I am responsible to moderate the posted jobs. Make sure this community is free of scam.

Featured Zone

There are three interesting sections on our new interface:

Search Engine Ranking Review - Season 1

Let start a new series of review on the ranking of AsiaPartTime in the major search engine:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Live/MSN

I plan to have this review every month to share the growing process of this part time job community. I guess some of you might interested on knowing how this community grow in terms of traffic.

imageUp-to-date, 43.65% of total visitor is coming through search engines . I still remember 4 months back, search engine only source around 20% of my total incoming traffic.Up to this point, I am quite satisfy with the new record.

I am going to review in terms of search keyword against all these 3 search engines. Let’s start with the most basis keyword that part timer used to find part time job - "part time job"

AsiaPartTime is Going to Re-Born

Good news to all AsiaPartTime blog readers, we are revamping the whole AsiaPartTime website. imageLet me capture a screen shot of it before we put on the new face on this coming Friday.

Let me disclose some new features for the coming release.

  • Do you ever think of posting a job without going through registration? Yes, we manage to do that with email management.
  • Do you ever think of contact the employer directly? Yes, you can do it through email or call them directly.
  • Do you ever think of getting the latest posted job update? How? Just subscribe to our email updates / RSS Feed.
  • A lot more features waiting for you to explore…

We will have a pre-launch session for invited guest to have a look at our new website. I plan to open up 20 seats for this blog readers. If you interested, please leave your email as comment. We will forward the invitation link to you.

Hurry up! Be the first to see the next generation of a Trusted Part Time Job Community.

A Revolution Day Freelance Industry

I guess I haven’t updated this blog in over a week now, as I’ve been busy with so many things all at once. However, today is the day to share our hard work with the community.

Our sister site - is finally ready for pre-launch. image On behalf of this new innovative Freelance Job site, I would like to extend to you an exclusive invitation to participate on the pre-launch campaign for our community website. The official launch is scheduled on 10st Octorber 2007. During this pre-launch period, we will gather all the feedback from you guys and improve from it.

For your information, we are a small team of 2 - Jiangti (Core Developer) and Me (Community Lead). We are doing this project for the Freelance community. This is our second project after the first project - - Malasyia Trusted Part Time Job Community. is doing the same thing as except targeting only on Freelance Job instead of Part Time Job.

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