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Who to invite for the Pre-Launch for our Freelance Job Site?

Finally, our freelance job site is ready for pre-launch. I am so excited to launch it because this is the finest project we ever developed. Simple and Communicative. Eventually, AsiaPartTime will be replaced with the same engine. This is in the schedule release plan. Hopefully in 2-3 weeks times.

Anyway, go back to our pre-launch campaign for the freelance job site. We are planning to have a round of exclusive invitation to all our member here. Basically, what you have to do is just visit the site and give us some feedback. Positive or negative is highly welcome. Your feedback and name will be listed as the exclusive reviewer on that site. It is our pleasure to have your review.

Now, who is particular interested on accepting the invitation? Please give us your support. Leave your email as comment, then we will send you the invitation email.

Job Site Review - ChilliJob.Net

This morning I saw a new job site - ChilliJob image advertise on a taxi while I am on my way to office. I took a picture on it with my new camera.IMG_0480 I guess we are the first blog that review them.

I review my previous Job Site Review posts, it is too boring. I decided to change my way of review. How? Criticize their site :P

Basically, this job site is the simplest job site that launched recently. It is too plain until I can’t see how is their future in this market.

First bad point is, you need to upload resume first then only able to create an account with them. What if I don’t have resume but want to see how it works first. Then, it is a blocking point for me.

Second point, no job history allow here. I can’t tell my potential employer about my past employments. It reduced my creditability when applying job. Normally, employer will see what is my past experiences before call for interview. It is very bad to not have past experience input.

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