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5 Tips for Successful Part Time/Freelance Business

By Zulkifli Musa.

Many would think that part time and freelance jobs should not be taken seriously. Wrong. A not-so-serious job that is handled seriously will give you serious money and serious fun. Whereas, not-so-serious job handled not so seriously may land you in a serious trouble. In fact, if you study carefully, many of the big companies today started as very small, part time and freelance businesses.

For example, Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Company started his company at the back of his own home while studying in the university. The business grew at a rapid pace and eventually Steve was forced to abandon his studies to focus on his business. His business allowed him to make his first billion dollar. In one of the SKOR Career blog postings, you can also learn how 2 sisters who started a part time business and now is on the verge of getting into full time after their venture was discovered by the press.

Here are some of the tips that can propel you to success in managing your part time jobs.

We are on the Magazine

Thanks to Amanda for telling us that AsiaPartTime is published on number 1 circulation Chinese Magazine - Feminine by LifePub publisher.IMG_0382 I am surprise to see that because I never knew about it. Nobody contacted us when reviewing our job sites.

If you know Chinese, here is the copy of the review. IMG_0370 Basically, they wrote about jobs including full-time job, contract job, part time job, and etc. I am glad to know that we listed after the big job sites: and

One of featured review is our ‘reporting scam company’ service. As you know, we are providing a gateway for the community to report the scam companies that they experienced before. This is a very useful information and receive huge response from the community. Up-to-date, we had received 64 reports and constantly increasing everyday. If you have any experience, please share with us.

Search Engine Ranking Review - Season 2

Just a quick update on our ranking in the major search engines :

Search Engine Position (As of today) Position (Season 1)
image #1 #3
image #1 #1
image #1 #1

* Keyword searched: part time job

Finally, we are the TOP of the top in the part time job market. (Malaysia only yar :P). Thanks to our new platform which pushed us to another level in a much faster pace. We used 15 days to make this happens after upgrading to a much user friendly platform.

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