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How could "Sex Jobs" relates to us?

Please don’t get me wrong. There is no sex jobs posted in AsiaPartTime Community :). Yesterday, I was checking the website traffic and I am surprised that someone google "KL sex jobs". Our community listed on the 2nd of the search result. image  It is really make me shock to see it.

Do you think, really got people looking for sex jobs through online?

Jobs at Pikom PC Fair 2007 (III)

image Third Round of Pikom PC Fair is around the corner again. For all the students who on school holidays, it is a good opportunity for you to work in PC Fair. Up to now, we had 6 jobs posted with us. The pay is starting from RM70 up to RM100. Unfortunately, these jobs only available to KL and Penang people. Hopefully, more jobs for other places will be posted here soon.

Here is the schedule:

New Source for Freelance Modeling Jobs

  image  A Community for Model Freelancer to post new modeling Jobs & search for modeling Jobs.

Recently, I found a new Malaysian Forum which dedicated for freelance modeling jobs. This is a super good source for modeling jobs. The growing room for this community is very huge because guys and gals always dream to become super model. Just look at the 8TV - "I want to be model" reality show, then you will see many of the young teenagers want to stand on the stage and cat-walking.

To bring more information about this modeling forum, I emailed the owner - Jerry Ong. Here is a short summary from him:

Model Freelancer Community start host @ group six months ago and the first idea is to help people who look for freelance , modeling, promoter, event jobs & etc to post jobs for free. The members grow fast @ Friendster group (14k) members) , as to provide better platform & extensive feature, I decided to create a domain to provide this services start October 2007 for free & coming with more features soon. 

Home-Based Work Scam - Mailing Assignment Opportunity offer

Nowadays, I received tons of complaints from the community regarding home-based work scam jobs. Thanks to Justin Wong, he shared a scam job with us. It is about "Mailing Assignment Opportunity offer" which offered by this company - "H@rry Business Solution".

It is a long email which written in a long sales copy format. Once I look at it, I know it is a scam job because REAL job will be written in a short and simple format. Here is the most obvious clauses that catch my eyes:


The registration fee is a ONE TIME payment of only RM185. We do not overcharge like other companies which require hundreds of Ringgit. The RM185 charge is only to cover the costs for preparing the whole package which will be sent to you including postage. There will be NO annual fee and NO other hidden fee whatsoever—just a one-time payment of RM185. We will fully refund you your deposit once you have sent back 50 orders according to our instructions. Besides receiving your full deposit back, you will earn RM1.00 for each and every envelope which you mailed out, for as long as you want (before and after 50 orders), while you will still get your usual earnings from this WFHP. Remember, you do not have to receive any order to earn RM1.00 per catalog which is based on quantity you do.


Fill in your details, attach the postal order (wang pos)/bank draft/original bank-in slip/ cheque for only RM185 payable to "H@rry Hin Boon Shang " or "H@rry Business Solution" and send your registration to:

H@rry Business Solution

Job Site Review - - Part 1

image - "Asia’s No-Frills Job Site"

By looking at their tag line, they are aiming to be the "AirAsia" style of job site in Asia. AllyHunt is different from other job site in terms of products and services. They provides the basic recruitment services such as job posting, search resume and search job. If you need more advance service, then you are asked to pay extra. Just like AirAsia, they prodive you the transportation but no free-meal served.

As explained by Sinsee, AllyHunt is formed by a group of headhunters. After collecting years of headhunting experience, they decided to move on and enter into online recruitment industry. Finally, they created this clean and simple job site -

I received the invitation to review their job site and share with our community. Here is my findings on this No-Frill job site:-

Aggressive Viral Marketing

imageDo you want to win a tickets to Hong Kong? I guess everybody will interested especially Malaysian. How? Pretty easy, just share AllyHunt with your friends and families. The person with the most referrals wins the tickets. Pretty cool right? I am not sure whether eligible to participate or not since I am sharing with our community here?

By the way, this kind of promotion will create a hype in the community. It is a proven viral marketing concept - Giving freebies to spread your product in a tremendous speed. 

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