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Another typical job site setup in Malaysia. Why the market is so competitive but still got new player enter into it? Is it really that profitable on this online recruitment industry? As working for the World’s largest recruitment company, I am sure the recruitment market in Malaysia is too saturated. Almost every week will have a typical job site launched and advertise on the taxi.

Anyway, my interest is to review their site and share with our community. Same as my previous review, I am going to point out what is no right in my point of view. It is subject to you. Please don’t take it so seriously. Have fun to know one more job site that might help you in the future.

Bad Point

  1. Dead "Career News & Events"
    • The last updated events is on July 27, 2007. It is almost 3 months no fresh content share with the users. If that is the case, I would rather remove this section to put on the latest job on the board. At least give the users an image that this site is updated.
    • By the way, if you guys interested on Career Guide and News for Malaysia Market, SkorCareer by Zul is one of the most resourceful place.
  2. Irrelevant FireFox Banner
    • What are they trying to sell to job seeker? Ask them to install FireFox-Google Plugin? I would rather see google adsense than a simple useless banner which doesn’t help me in search job.
  3. Un-User Friendly Registration Form
    • Never highlight those required fields on the form. If you miss-out any required field, all your entered data will be wipe off once you submit the form. Then, you have to re-enter again. As an IT programmer, it is totally unacceptable in designing this kind of input form. It should retain my entered data and prompt me which field is missing.

Good Point

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