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How we Gain 129% Job Alert Readers in 1 Month?

We had archived 129% growth in Job Alert Readership within a month. Last month, we only had 65 people subscribed to our job alert manager where-by this month the number shoot up to 149. It is a good sign to show the growing of our community.


Last Month This Month
image image


How we archive this growth?

Basically, we did two minor changes on our community:-

  • imageChanged the Opt-in Message to "Be the FIRST to grab the part time jobs !". We fully understand the needs of a jobs for them. Good jobs are limited and everybody want to be the FIRST to grab it. Subscribing to our alert manager is the best way to get notified on all the new jobs posted on our job board. An email will send to the subscriber with all the latest jobs in a daily basis.
  • imageInclude an alert message at the bottom of the "Related Jobs" zone in each jobs. If you found out the related jobs are viewed before, you will feel bored. Then, you might want to get notified automatically instead of check the latest jobs manually. By subscribing to our alert manager, we feed you with the new jobs on the board.

What is the next milestone?

Vote for us! Grow the Community with RM20,000


After the first step into winning the RM20,000, it is time to move on… One of the criteria to win the money is through voting. Vote stand for 10% of the total judgement in this contest.

Thanks Jeff for generating the voting script for us. Now, you will see a small little Triangle on top of AsiaPartTime. If you click on it, it will push this community a step towards the RM20,000.

Other than the RM20,000 prize, they are a special award for the most popular site with the highest votes. Here is the message from Jeff for all the participants:

Due to overwhelming response, we have decided to throw in a SPECIAL AWARD for the most popular site of the Search. This particular award will be judged base on the number of hits and click-throughs of the traffic counter uploaded in your site. Have fun clicking away and all the best for the Search

If you found any part time jobs through us, please give us a vote. If you haven’t get any job through us yet and think we worth to support, please give us a hand too. Thanks you very much.

Home Based Typist Clerk Scam Revealed

Nowadays, home based typist clerk job is receiving good response from the public. This kind of job seems to be the golden job in the part time jobs market. Take one of the  newly posted home based typist job on our job board, there are 9 respondents within 5 hours.

As the job moderator, we gave a deep research on this kind of high-possibility scam job. We were posting as a respondent for this job. No surprise, I received an email form the job owner within an hour. It contented as below:

Thank you for your interest. What you need to do is just complete the task by sending out and reply the email in anytime and anywhere where internet connection is available. Your working time is determined by yourself. Your salary depends on how much you have done.

To proceed to next step, first you need to purchase a home based typist program and booklet so that you can know more about this job for RM20. This is the policy. If you really wish to join the group of home based typist, please give me further information. I will contact you via email.

In order to appreciate your interest. For those who like pizza!! Just complete the survey and get a Pizza Hut Meal Voucher worth RM12++ . It is a regional travel survey supported by Tourism Malaysia and it offers many rewards including a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. Just click on the link below for further information.


Hurry for first 10,000 respondent only!!!

You will get paid directly bank in your local bank account. However, in order to proceed to next step you have to purchase the booklet and program cost RM20 so that I will send you the program and you will get to know more about home based typist. You may send the RM20 either cash deposit or online banking into our local Maybank account. My account no. in Maybank is 101422162332 please kindly send me bank in slip after you bank in my money, thank you… You may send me the cash deposit statement by scan it then paste into Microsoft word or photo it then paste into Microsoft Word. Afterthat then you only attach this file to me. I will send the package to you after confirmation in 48 hours.

Look at the highlighted keywords, you are required to pay RM20 to get a home based typist program and a booklet. It break the rule of employment - Paid to Get Work! Why should I pay it and not deduce from what I suppose to get paid? Isn’t it a better solution?

This scamer is really good. He is giving a free voucher as an appreciation to pay him RM20. Come on, I am suspecting this free voucher is also a scam because this free voucher survey program is using the multi-level-marketing(MLM) way of growing their database. Actually, this survey program has been running for months and we received a similar job post in our board. If you come across this survey program, please tell us whether it is real or not.

By the way, I will be going to Maybank ATM to make a transfer to his account. Of course, I won’t complete the transaction but just get his name from the machine. Then, I will share his BIG NAME with the community. In case, you know this guy, please tell us. I will send our police force to catch him.

Latest Update (22-Dec): The job owner just replied to us as below:

I am sorry about that but i also buy this program from other people long time ago. I really dunno it is scam job. I really sorry about that. I already delete this post. Thank for informing me. Please forgive my act.

Do you forgive him? NO! He know it is a scam but still want to scam other people to get back his RM20. This is unforgivable.

First Step to Win RM20,000

YouthSearchFinally, we made the first move into the "The Malaysian Dotcom Youth Search" contest. Today, I was notified that our community is featured in the contest’s website.

The number of featured websites is growing in a tremendous rate. Luckily, we are not too late as we position at the 36th place. Anyway, position is not the key to win this contest but the potential of a website in generating income out from it.

I was surprise, 70% of the featured websites are personal blogs. I am curious on how much money can they made when most of their content is about their personal daily story? If you want to make money by blogging, focus on certain topic rather your mother story. You need to capture a reader who is interested on your talking topic. Then, start to make money out from them.

Anyway, these are the few featured websites that worth checking out:

Job site Review - AllyHunt.Com - Part 2

In Part 1, we had reviewed AllyHunt from the Job Seeker point of view. This month, I am invited to review their unique employer features.

During the lunch session with Sinsee and Kien Tan, they told me about the pain of a HR personnel when come to hiring new blood for their company. One of the main problem is high volume of irrelevant or unqualified candidates applying their jobs. If you manage to help them to filter those junk candidates, the HR personnel will give you a big hug.

To solve this problem, Allyhunt have a powerful candidate filtering engine which called "Match It, Ally". You allow to set up to 5 prescreen rules which combined with the standard job details such as location, industry, salary range, qualification level and etc. Now, whoever apply the job, their profile will be matched against the preset rules. If you pass it, the system will forward your resume to the employer else your application will send to image .

Other than the matching tools, there is a standard job posting wizard which consists of 5 steps:

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