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We are here ! The Malaysian Dot Com Youth Search

Thanks to, Nuffnang, MIRC Incubator, there are organizing a campaign to search the hidden technopreneurs by hunting down their websites, portals and blogs with ability to generate income and influence communities with an innovative factor.image

We are pretty exciting about this campaigns because our community is fulfilling their requirements as below:

  • INCOME (40%)
    • Ability to generate income - Our community is generating steady income through sponsorship and Google Adsense since May 2007. Should be no problem to meet this requirement.
  • INFLUENCE (40%)
    • Content 20% - All our posted par time jobs are user-generate contents. Moreover, we also consistently sharing useful tips and ways to generate incomes through this blog. I guess, we can score at least 15% in this section.
    • Traffic 10% - I am not sure how they judging this requirement. If judge by SEO, we have a high chance to score high marks because we had captured the "part time job" and "part time" keyword in all the 3 main search engines. Moreover, we had some funny keyword ("Sex Jobs") link to us as well.
    • Vote 10% - I hope our community will vote for us if we really help them much in getting part time jobs. We definetaly need helps from our royal community.
  • INNOVATIVE (20%)
    • User-friendliness 10% - We had created an innovative way of posting a job - "No Account Registration Needed but Only Email Activation". In addition, we are converting the well-known blog engine - Wordpress as our core engine to run our community website. All the major blogs are running on this engine and people are used to it in communicating with each other. I guess, we can score some great marks here.
    • Graphics 5% - I hope our graphic doesn’t hurt your eyes. :P
    • Personality 5% - We don’t keep our user’s personalization setting, so 0% for this requirement.

The rewards for this contest is very lucrative as below:

The Name of Scam Companies Revealed

After 6 months of data collection from previous post - List of Reported Scam Companies, here is our summary of all the scam companies in Malaysia. The list is keep growing fast as more and more scam companies operate in the market. Check out these companies before you apply any part time job out there:-

  1. Company Name:
    Location: WebSite
    Contact: WebSite
  2. Company Name: Global Master Management
    Location: 8.16, 8th floor, Wisma Cosway, Jln Raja Chulan, KL
    Contact: 03-2034 1686, 03-2031 4166
  3. Company Name: Cobra Group PLC
    Location: B-2-15, Megan Avenue II,
    Jalan Yap Kwan Seng,
    50450, Kuala Lumpur.
  4. Company Name: Scott Fitzgerald Group Ltd
    Location: Taiwan
    Contact: +886 2 8758 2824
  5. Company Name: TFS Creation Network
    Location:suite 533 & 535, 5th floor,
    Wisma Goldhill,
    67, Jalan Raja Chulan,
    50200 Kuala Lumpur
    Contact: 03-20765161, 03-20765195, 012-3121945
  6. Company Name: Mega Access Resources Sdh Bhd
    Location:7-23, 7th Floor, Imbi Plaza
    Contact: Lin, Amy
  7. Company Name:
    Location: web
    Contact: web
  8. Company Name: First Selection
    Location:10-5-2, Prince Avenue Blk 10, Jln Bayam, Cheras
    Contact: Mr. Aiman
  9. Company Name: Grand Paramount Enterprise
    Location: Pan Global building, 10th floor unit 2, lorong p.ramlee.
  10. Company Name :Solor vision network
    Location :Jalan Ampang Wisma Central (level 5)
    Contact person :Pn Fatin
    Contact Number :03-21663270
  11. Company Name:
    Location: Singapore
    Contact: 0264058867
  12. Company Name: Top Universal Pyramic Enterprise
    Location: Lot 1008, 10th Floor, Wisma Complex Selangor,
    Jalan Sultan, 50000 Kuala Lumpur
    Contact: 03-2026 5100 / 2078 8217 / 2072 8180
  13. Company Name: H@rry Business Solution
  14. Company Name: Multi Sources Management (MSM)
    Location: B-2-14, Megan Avenue II, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, KL
    Contact: 03-21635092, 21633808, 21625659
  15. Company Name: Success Zone Solution
    Location: Central Plaza, Jalan Sultan Ismail
    Contact: 03-21474629 En. Jazman

Easy Blog Writing Job - RM50/Post

If you like blogging, why not treat it as your part time job which can generate some pocket money for you? Today, I came across this blog writing job posted with us, "Get Paid to Blog" by It is a long term part time job for all the college students.

What do you need to grad this job?

Pretty simply. Just blog on your college life and share it with the community. You are invited to blog anything from food, assignments, gossip about your lecturer, all the way to your fears in your college. HOW come this kind of blog writing job not available during my college time? You better grab it before this chance slip away.

3 reasons to blog on DoctorJob?

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