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Building Up Your Business Through Outsourcing

This post is guest blogged by Asif Karim.

job joke In contemporary era, the word ‘Outsourcing’ has ingrained as an intrinsic fraction of basically any class of business. Though the process saw its inception as early as 1960, it is only the recent years that has brought the theory of outsourcing into practice in a much wider and extended spectrum than ever before.

One of the crux reason of such expansion of this practice can be attributed to the fact that any major arena of businesses now days are being carried out world wide, in a globalize nature. Also, the integration of technology, especially Information Technology into the business process itself has opened up new specialized area to look after, making the overall control and grip of the business more convoluted and diverse.

Therefore the age-long diction of managing the business had to be matured in some way, and Outsourcing has been assimilated with the most positive favor for overall management of discrete business process, thus directly permitting the top level management to focus on the main business elements without crying over less-prioritized side process.

outsource contractSo the first question pops up is what exactly it means. In the simplest word, it refers to arrange a subcontract  with a third-party corporation for establishing and maintaining a part of the bona-fide business. Such as designing, accounting, human resource, IT infrastructure such as Firewall monitoring, managing Virtual Private Network (VPN), Hosting Services etc.

However, Outsourcing encompasses both advantages and disadvantages. In this section of the article, we must first concentrate on few crucial advantages that can be exploited to the maximum for the overall well being of the business and it’s functionality.

Find Legal Jobs In Malaysia

This post is guest blogged by Asif Karim.

image took off on December 2007, with a vision to serve the evolution of the Malaysian legal industry into a more vibrant, lively and technology driven entity. It has already sparked enthusiasm among the legal professionals.

eLawyer has a number of significance relating to the legal industry in Malaysia. Such as: being the sole job boardimage for Law related jobs, that its, it’ll only project jobs concerning to legal activities, though the other web site may display legal job postings too, will ONLY show legal jobs, with a nice presentation and in an informative diction. It also has the added functionality of submitting Resume.

imageSecondly, eLawyer has an unique feature that can not be found in any IT portal around, that is it is able to calculate legal fees expenditure  such as calculating the lawyer fee for selling of purchasing properties, then comes the fact that law offices can use this web portal to purchase goods for their offices and other related services, directly through elawyer.

Besides these, it includes facilities such as assisting general public concerning Law issues, that is, common mass can post about any legal issue they find troublesome or simply just want to know about, an accomplished panel of lawyers will answer them through eLawyer, quality feedback with free of charge.

And also, it still remains the only IT portal on the Internet in Malaysia that advertises about Law books, that is, the users can post which law related book or journal they want and can browse the site to see which have been offered at that time. A lot of renowned law firms post their ads like Karpal Singh, Skrine, Tommy Thomas, Mindvault, Albar & Partners to name a few.

How to Study, Work Part Time and Have a Meaningful Life in Your Teenage and Young Adult Years

This post is guest blogged by Asif Karim.

Balancing Study and Work While Maintaining fun in life:
The best & the most enrapturing fraction of our entire life is, needless to say, the teenage and the early adulthood. Everyone goes through it, everyone craves to make the most out of it, and as true as it is, this is indeed the exact and the most apposite passage to take off!

BUT, here comes the catch, a catch that lies behind a layer of almost undetectable yet omnipresent weight of significance. That is, this teen and early youth is also the time to DECIDE what is that you really want to be in life, what is that makes you satisfied. There are many open fields out there, many professions of great reverence and intrigue.

Different people are flourished through different ways of life, for which they are mostly suited, which comes naturally to them. And almost in any case, whatever the profession you decide to take up as your life’s destiny, you must become well-versed and expert at it. That itself entails the fact that you must pay enough attention to your studies in your chosen field. Cause only knowledge and good standings in academic stations will bring laurels for you once you enter into the planet of real jobs.

So, in any case, you can not really be lax at your studies and expect a solid platform is building up out of nothing. But one thing to clarify is that you actually don’t need to become a typical nerd or bookworm sort of a character, there is time for everything, besides self-study, do enjoy and relax when the opportunity arises out of situations, or when have grown hackneyed over things then take a traveling tour somewhere nice, I can bet that it will most certainly perk up your life.

Now what about that part time work you dream of so ardently? What about that extra bunch of cash that’ll make your friend circle outing more shining, that’ll able you to present your loved ones those small tokens of gift that lift up their faces ? Ya, don’t worry, if you are really smart at proceeding with your life in a certain fashion, and is able to project a clear long term vision, you can also churn out times out of your ever-constrained schedule of assignments and dating, that you will need to make those extra cash in hand. Alongside you can also keep up the higher grades in your academic venture in proper place.

For me I found the following technique most effectual:

Is “ From Home” a Scam?

This post is guest blogged by Asif Karim. is another inclusion in the swamped pool of “Work From Home” / "Make Money From Home" class of Internet Money Making Circle! Though unfortunately there are actually many fraud companies operating around the Internet who promises get rich overnight kind of prospects, there are few legit ones also. The difficulty we all have is to determine the few legit ones out of thousands of these kind of money making schemes.

Which way does this newly included player-eDataJob goes ?

eDataJobFirst of all, when you look at their home page, it strikes you with almost the same page-design as of many scam websites. The same coloring, everything basically, then when you scroll down, you see it is not free, you must pay to join. This is definitely a sharp indicator of their motive.

Then you go down a bit, you see they are promising like USD 30,000 (Isn’t it a way too high!) a month with some graphical display that can be found in any scam website. Just by looking at the presentation and the fact that it is not free, you can definitely conclude that it’s another scam offer as many out there.

Now, here is some strong logical groundwork that is a surefire indication of this companies unethical objectives.

  • Check out,, you will find review about this site where it is clearly listed in community bulletin that one people had been scammed.
  • Check out the “About Us” Section at,, it says they’ve been in business from 1999. SO supposed to be eight yeas right ? Now check out the ‘whois’ information for their domain at,, at the end of the page you can see that the Creation Year is 2006, not eight years back in 1999. Though you can not say that it IS 100% indicator, but this Creation Year is Indeed a worrying sign of their inherent bleak motive.

The Best Source for Freelance Writing Jobs

This post was guest blogged by Hafshah, a freelance writer.

Working as a freelance writer is normal in USA, UK and Australia. However, freelance writing in Malaysia is still in its infant stage. However, it is slowly picking up here judging by the numerous freelance websites available on the net nowadays.

Being a freelance writer myself, the main source of getting freelance writing jobs is through the net. There are a few Websites available if you want to search for freelance writing jobs:

Malaysian Websites:

  • LowYat Forum - There are few freelance writing jobs posted there if you can find it.
  • AsiaPartTime - Not to promote ourselves,but we do have few writing jobs open for now. We also looking for freelance writer for our community blog. Check this out.
  • - There are few writing jobs posted there with in these few months.

International Websites:

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