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5 Productivity Tips for Freelance Writers


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Everyone can write, everyone is able to sketch the image residing inside their mind into some papers. Unfortunately, very few of them can write effectively.

The straightest fact of being an efficient freelance writer is posses the talent of writing. You must have that flair ingrained in you from birth. Then later on, you can hone things up and lay down some heavy blocks on writing community. Before anything, you must be blessed with inner touch of writing. Finally, practice some other essential tactics to brush up the overall end-result. This article will shed light on few of these productivity tips.


If your mind is distorted for some reason, then it is natural for you to feel stressed up and disinclined to write. Whenever you sit for your writing session, focus only on the subject matter, not any other affairs that might be depressing to you. Then you can clearly form a constructive idea and confront no obstructions to give it a scriptural form.


Sometimes you may feel stuck to start the literature. If you really feel that you can’t move on, then start your writing from any point. Later, you will have the right feeling about how to put up and construct a piece of good work.


As you go along with your days, try to hoard different kinds of ideas from the environmental occurrences. Try to keep a notebook with you all the time. You can take down something that you feel may help you later on.


This is really an important part to your overall success. A good and comfortable environment not only can help your mind to focus more on the task in hand, but also can contribute in your writing by offering different creative ideas.


Commitment is something that you need to put in. Try to forget about the TV shows or the temptation of surfing nets needlessly to kill time. Instead, put more and more focus on the subject matter you are writing. This is a very sound and decent practice that not only gradually increases your concentration ability, but also refines and increases your productivity in tackling various kinds of writing assignments.


By following these tips, you can surely improve your skills on writing and write in an efficient way. Alongside these, strong knowledge of vocabulary is a definite plus. If  you want to know more tips, check out the remaining 5 tips.

First Step into Freelance Modeling Market Freelance Modeling is an alluring career to many budding potential young girls. Most of the girls could not find the door into this freelance career. Now, is showing them the way into the Freelance Modeling Market. Basically, is a community portal that work as a great pathway to a professional modeling industry. It is furnishing various kinds of amenities for a smooth and effective take off.

All the models, photographers and talent agencies from all over the world are networking here. Photographers are finding freelance models, whereas the new models get that much desired and crucial break through into the market by posting their profile here. To complete the scenario, agencies are utilizing this portal to browse countless new profiles everyday, discovering the next big gun, both in the world of modeling and photography.

New models can upload their profiles along with pictures, and the agencies and photographers can find them easily. The selected candidate will be added into their talents libraries. There are other great features such as “Talent Hunt”- Hunt for artists, actors, model managers, casting directors, event managers, makeup artists, hair stylists, clothing designers, filmmakers, videographers, studios & location managers etc.

In each section of the finder, there are providing necessary search criteria. It also has a message board section where users post their availability for jobs. It directly helps the agencies to find the available candidates in a much easier way.

The portal also has section for all the upcoming events relevant to the modeling world, with complete description and timing. In addition, the news section showing up the news about members who have made to the TV shows or other important events. This is a good way to showcase their talent. is doing a good job in offering the young models and talented showman to expose their budding talent in a very effectual manner. All faces of fashion world gets together here in; Thus giving the young future stars a great platform to rise up and increasingly enhance their endowment.

If you want to step into the freelance modeling career, register yourself with now. You never know you will be the next Amber Chia (My favour Model :P).

5 Tips for Design Student to Get More Freelance Jobs

freelance graphic designI just came across this article How To Get Paid Freelance Work While You’re Still A Design Student by I think it is very useful guide for design students to get more design related freelance jobs.

Working part time in student life can be of great advantage if the work is related to the field of study! But it is not so easy to find out work which does relate to your study field. And if you are a student of graphic designs then it is actually quite difficult to really get that desired freelance jobs.

Your Problem:

The basic problem for a design student is that they are still learning and do not have any required knowledge of client management and a reputable portfolio. This article specifically points out few problems and solutions that you can take to enhance your chance of involving yourself into some professional work.

Your Solution Tips:

  • NO BASIC DESIGN SKILLS: This is why you are in designing course, but you should not just follow the course structure. You must enhance your knowledge in the theories and practices by your own effort. Then the people see the potential in you, and you avail yourself more and more new job opportunity.
  • LACK OF COMPUTER SKILL: As a designer, you will be needed to perform using various graphics designing software. So you must need the required skills. You can learn from books, from tutorials which you can download from various websites such as Althrough offering your already learned skills to some graphic design companies, may be they will not pay you or may be very less, but you get that required touch of professionalism in your work.
  • ABSENCE OF A REPUTABLE PORTFOLIO: Having a convincing portfolio is the first step of securing any kind of designing job. If you can have a commendable portfolio even for your freelance work, it will highly enhance your chance to get that work. If you lack items to enrich your portfolio, put some fictional stuff, but just make sure they are of good quality and worthy of applaud, then the studios will accept it even though it is fictional! I would suggest you to create a blog to showcase your portfolio, just like what BelKoo did for his design portfolios.
  • LACK OF CLIENT MANAGEMENT SKILLS: This is an extremely important skill that many designing graduates lacks. And the only way to gain this is to work in real life somewhere. So just proceed to the local design/print shop and they’ll accept you happily.
    These tips may help you on managing your freelance deal:

  • GETTING THE CLIENTS: When you feel confident enough that you can work as a freelancer, go look out for clients and companies, get involved into various freelancing blog sites and forum. Mix with people a lot to expand your list contacts. Thus gradually you will see a lot of places to apply your skills. Check out the Freelance Sources For Graphic Designer

So by following the aforementioned points, you can overcome the stated problems and will be able to stretch your chance of getting that desired part time by an extended scale.

Our Asx is on Fired!


Today, we received an email from FBME Bank, Cyprus to request for removal  defamatory statements in our Scam Job Review - BEWARE OF SCAM FROM TAIWAN - PART 1.

This email really surprise us as the bank really takes those comments seriously. We have no choice and remove the particular comment about their bank and the scammer - Scott Fitzgerald Pte. Ltd.

Basically, the comment is mentioned that one of the victim transferred money to one of the account hold by the scammer in FBME bank. He just posted the bank account, that is it. 2 months later, the bank some-how managed to find our post and send us this letter.

This is our first time to handle such case. I am wondering, do we get suit when a commentor posted some false information on our blog? It is impossible for us to filter some many comment and the validate one by one Is there any law to protect blogger?

How to Bid Freelance Jobs Successfully?

After talked about freelance jobs tips, it is time to share the winning tips on bidding freelance jobs. This article is extracting the juice from Thanks to Top 5 Tips When Bidding For Freelance Work by DailyWirtingTips.

image Freelance work can be of great boon to those who are eager to free themselves from the confinement of regular office work and are willing to accept some unheard of challenge initially. So how you merge yourself into this world of freelance jobs? The most practical answer would be through Freelance Jobsites such as, or

Clients first post what exactly is their requirement in terms of budget scale, timescale and description of the work. By reviewing all these details, you will bid on and from multiple bidders, client will choose one as he sees fit. So as you can realize this system is heavily reliant on mutual trust, thus having various loopholes for agreement breach. This article is aimed to admonish those unsuspecting freelancers who may become a prey of many perilous setups:


Get to know the client first, look for their profile in the web site, look for their company web site, and have other freelancers put favorable comments against their ID? Go through all these, besides check if the posted job description seems coherent and detailed. After you finish studying the client, if any of these is missing or sounds unethical or unprofessional, then I guess you better sidestep the offer.


Do not lower your bid rate just for the sake of getting more and more work, eventually this trend will make you look unprofessional and cheap target, and you’ll not be able progress forward in the industry, so demand according to the current trade.


Sometimes you may find that after the deal has been official, the client banked in a payment little less that the agreed upon, from this point you can either choose to accept it, showing a type of kindness or you can vehemently reject it. My advice will be not to bend down with this curtailed payment, instead write a concise but articulate email to the client saying your inconvenience about the payment scale. If the client seem unsure, help him to attain a satisfactory height, making you both content.


Sometimes clients will want some samples (Often free of Charge) of your work, which will effectively express a black & white proof of your potentiality. However, be careful as the fraudulent client will later try to play you away and thus keeping the sample to him, so that he can use it for his own purpose. So in this scenario best you can do is to demand a copyright on the samples, so the client will not be able to make use of it without your consent. If the client happily agrees, then you know that it is for real and the client is actually serious about continuing with the offer.


By any means do not get into something that is illegal. Such as advertising for something that does not exist, build up reports based completely on falsehood, or directly stealing contents from somewhere without giving credit etc; because if you are indeed targeted for infringement of cyber laws, then it will not take that much effort for the cops (with the aid of networking gurus) to trace you back even if you were under disguise.

Thus by adopting the practices outlined above, you will most certainly manage to skirt unnecessary blows. All the best for your freelance career.

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