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How to Balance Your Freelance Life?

freelance life balance This article is the second part of the The Balance Between Freelance Work and Daily Life. Let’s shed some lights on finding your balance in your freelance life:


If you are married and your partner is not involved in her own work or business, then you can give her some of the non-essential tasks to handle such  as accounts, bills and other paperworks. It helps in freeing up yourself for other core tasks. And if you are single, you can also hire some assistant for these non-core tasks.


Doing full-time work with freelancing leaves basically no extra time for doing anything other than essential. So beside spending some time with family, you must make sure that the remaining times are judiciously used for freelancing work. To achieve this feat, you need the tools such as Client information database, Necessary software, Accounting, Rules-based automated Email system, Feed Reader etc.


This is one of the most important aspect if you are to look after both the jobs. Falling indisposed just simply won’t help, in neither of the duties. Thus staying fit is a crucial consideration and following steps such as keeping off the junk food, consuming alcohol, caffeine and sugar in a controlled proportion, having adequate sleep, adhering to the healthy and clean food. Finally setting up a nice and relaxed home-office environment can help a lot.


You may develop a incitement to work on your freelancing projects during your full time working our. However, generally it is not considered as a good idea as you may get caught and your boss may become easily offended. However, during the ‘break’ periods, checking emails and related feeds shouldn’t be a too much of a problem.


It is vitally important to take vacations in between and do not overdo yourself with work. The idea is to spread the two or three weeks vacations that you get from your full-time job throughout the whole year. In this way you can recharge yourself frequently.

So, by following the above steps, it is likely that you will have a nice balance between two of your responsibility and thus excelling in both the fields.

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5 Essential Tips for Technical Writing

This post is summarized from the Ten Great Technical Writing Tips. Photo by Dr. Goldschmidt.

technical writing Technical writing is generally defined as the practice of writing that mostly concerns with technical artifacts such as Software or some Electronic products. This task requires the writer to have a profound knowledge of the inner working of the product itself. Even if he may not be directly related to the development of the product, he must hold a very good knowledge about the product and how it works. These people are known as knowledge workers and has a high reputed stature in the organization they have the complicity.

This article will discuss some tips which can be handy in enhancing this class of technology oriented writing.

Be Focus

Be focus on the final aim of the documentation. As you may get too much deep into the explaining the system and thus the readers become clueless after awhile. So stay on the aim of the documentation and explain with comments and other side-notes. 

Be Simple

When you explain try to keep it as simple as possible and elaborate for the sake of the user, cause users are not the system’s expert, and they reply on you to make them understand. 


Draw up table in order to compare different groups of data, this visual way will make the points clearer. Put graphical representations also if needed. 


Proof-reading is a must. It is actually quite embarrassing to submit a copy that is full of spelling and grammatical glitches. 

Solid Reference

Provide appropriate sources and notes. Also it is better to append few pages exclusively listing the references on the subject matter.

Feel free to browse through the technical writing jobs offered in our job board. - Your Freelance Writing Job Opportunities - Your Freelance Writing Job opportunities We had received few requests on sharing more information about the place to hurt for freelance writing jobs. is one of the best place to look for this kind of writing job opportunities. They are opening a door for the anyone who thinks he has the capacity to earn some money by writing reviews, summary and abstract.

The topic of writing can be anything ranging from a book, a journal or a website. The writer will write a short abstract on the subject according to the guideline. Then, submit it and get paid. The money will be transferred to the paypal account by the end of the month. The money will be calculated based on the number of hits for your written abstract. No hit, No money.

Another earning opportunities is go by translation. Anybody making a translation on the existing reviews or abstracts is entitled to receive 5% in a same Hits Calculation formula! Please take note, they only accept human-translation. Any translation from auto-translation software will be auto-detected and flag as plagiarism. Don’t try to fool with them. smile_wink

The design of the site is quite relaxing and easy going. It has a huge number of topic from which the user can choose to write. The FAQ section is pretty enriched and almost any user-query can be found there, but if not, then the user can also post his questions. Anyone who is new should have a glance at the questions answered in FAQ.

Another good thing is that the site is supported in many other language than English, thus giving a wider access to great many people around the world. The new members can have a nice little picture of them in the right side of the panel.

Over all it’s a great site to churn out some real extra cash just by writing, so anyone who thinks he is good enough to rack his brain to produce a little good summary is entitled to be rewarded. Just give a try and feedback to us whether it works for you or not.

Essential Resources for Freelancers - Part 4

This is the last segment of our four part series of helpful freelance resources on the web:


FreelanceTipster - Freelance Tips and Trick Designed and decorated in a very relaxing and easy structure. This web portal will give you a number of articles in almost every aspects of freelancing. However, the total number of article is not that on a higher side. But portal for some reason is gone out of maintenance and is no more updated after July 2007. In its Resources section, it has a list of well recommended books.


MainFrame.GR - Freelance Tips and TrickA web portal with extremely simple and nice design to deal with. However, it is not purely a site for Freelancers ONLY, as it has a lot of side categories such as Computing, Audios, General discussions. Along with some regular freelancing tips, this portal actually focuses more on different computing issues and particularly web related technologies. It also doesn’t have a huge number of articles, but the ones are hosted are of really good quality.


HR World- HR Freelance Tips and Trick Well, this portal is not so much about freelancers but nevertheless contains some very good articles on the lives and work pattern of freelancers worldwide. This site is more concerned about the management and deployment of quality manpower at workplace.  It also hosting a lot of information on investment related issues. The tools section got a variety of calculation programs to precisely estimate different investment outcomes, and the dictionary section contains a huge investment related terminologies. You can subscribe yourself to its RSS feeder as I did.


DigitalWeb- Freelance Tips and Trick Again, a portal mainly dedicated to professional web designers, web developers and information architects. It actually has a lot of useful articles on freelancing. However, the article repository is extremely huge and a major share of those is dedicated to computing professionals of almost every type. The overall designs again very smooth and easy to deal with. The event section is full of latest and upcoming events on IT world.


Freelance Write.about- Freelance Tips and Trick It’s a section of popular web portal “”. It has an incredible amount of information on Freelancing. From ground up to the last level. It touches upon almost every single characteristic of mainly a freelancer writer and people who want to fire up a business in freelance mode. Overall a great site to really dig a massive information repository.

With this article, we end our four part series of useful web resources for freelancers. If you miss out the previous parts, check out the Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Essential Resources for Freelancers - Part 3

This is the third and penultimate part of our review of some useful freelance resources:


ProFreelancing - Your Trusted Freelance Job Community A web site completely dedicated to freelancers. Though the design is not really a very attractive one, but it starts up right-away with some extremely useful articles. In the ‘About’ section you can get a nice background of the web-sites overall development. The resource section contains a huge number of resources on every possible topic such as ebooks, Blogs, Job Postings, Online Publishers, Recent Press Releases, Photos, payment Issues, etc. All in all it’s a great site on many kinds of freelance information.


Bootstrapper - Your Trusted Freelance Job Community It comes with a nice start page and without any specific home page. It houses a lot of articles on some unconventional divisions of freelancing and delineates them with commendable effectualness. The articles are arranged in monthly order as well as category wise. You can be a subscriber through it’s RSS feed feature.

Jarkkolaine - Your Trusted Freelance Job Community Well, this site is also like the previous one, but it has a bit messy design, and also the categorization is done based on category and monthly basis. This we portal has resources that targeted at programmers and software designers. All in all if the design is modified a bit then the whole site becomes a really good one.


Creative Bahaviour - Your Trusted Freelance Job Community As the name suggests, it’s a site mainly dedicated to the freelance designers. In fact, the design of the site is pretty clean,neat and unconventional. However, the web lacks of any depth in article repository. The news section is also quite outdated. All in all it seems that the site maintenance issues has gone adrift for the time being.



ParticleTree- Your Trusted Freelance Job Community It’s also a pretty straightforward site for mainly people who is looking to start a business around any freelance theories. Also got some good articles on design issues and general Internet activities. The good thing is the articles are quite extended covering many sides of the title. You can subscribe to it’s RSS feeder if you decide.


If you miss out the previous parts, check out the Part 1 and Part 2. We will be coming out the Final Part in two days times. Just Sign up with our Auto-Feed Manager to deliver the next part to your Inbox automatically.

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