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Essential Resources for Freelancers - Part 2

This artcile is constituting the second of our four series part of  review on some really helpful web resources for the freelancers:


freelance tips and resourcesAn extremely good site for having a visual impact as this site is exceedingly well designed. It has a very nice Job section including both full-time and freelance jobs. The archive section got a lot of articles and finally they have a portfolio section where the detailed design information of the web site is available. It’s a mixture of many side topic along with freelancing work.




freelance tips and resources This web site is sharing a lots of tips on building web sites. It has other kinds of graphics related news, tips and technique of using many graphical softwares. It has a unique section consisting of the work submission by the author. The web site is nicely decorated and designed.


Blue Favor

freelance tips and resources A site that has a nice listing of all the projects that they have done, well-designed and pretty neat looking. It holds good real life job and opportunity, both freelancing and full time in the field of mobile and and web solution. All kinds of publishing and usability solutions they also provide thus having a large ranges of work category.


Freelance Folder

freelance tips and resources It is a slim and slick-looking web site mainly focused on different kinds of articles written primarily on freelancing. It is aimed at helping both the entrepreneurs and the bloggers at the same time. It has a nice RSS feed option so you can yourself keep informed regularly. It is one of my favour sites as I always share their tips with this community. Here is a latest interesting post - What To Do With Dirty Money?


freelance tips and resources This web site has a nice Video section of many graphics related software mini tutorial. They also recommend the essential books on graphics design. It also have a reporting and benchmarking section for new softwares. All these comes with a loaded pact of articles on Web Graphic issues and an enriched blog section.

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Essential Resources for Freelancers - Part 1

Freelancing has become a popular choice for many new starters. This article will focus on 20 most helpful web resources on freelancing. The first part contains first five of these:


Freelance Switch - Your Trusted Freelance Blog In the world of freelancing, the usefulness of this site can not be stressed more. It is a site by the freelancers themselves. When you open the homepage you will be struck with a beautifully and professionally designed home page which will fuel your expectations. You will find that the site contains almost everything a freelancer needs to support his career. Everything from advices, jobs and resources to even rarest of tips and tricks that you will hardly see in other sites. With 22,400 subscribers till now, the site is flourishing rapidly.


WakeUpLater - Your Trusted Freelance Blog Another well-designed web site for freelancers, web-hosts, marketers and online business individuals. Alongside the advices and tips for freelances, it has a repository of Flash and audio elements which the freelancres can use for their own web site development. It also encourages the sharing of ideas through Interview with different levels of “Working in the Web” individuals. Total subscribers for this site is also quite impressive, totaling around 1873 till now.

Garrett Dimon

Garrett Dimon - Your Trusted Freelance Blog This web site is also dedicated to freelancing but is more sort of a personal information repository for the creator G. Dimo. Nevertheless, it also has some useful contents and is subdivided in to Resources, Reading and Events sections. The reading section contains helpful hints abut some books which the G. Dimon deems really good. The Event section contains a listing of recent events. It has few good articles on Server Relocation and Documentation and Interface Designing.

AndyBudd Blogography

AndyBudd Blogography - Your Trusted Freelance Blog This site is actually gigantic resource of nearly every web related content, such as Accessibility, Blogging, Training & Conference, Design, Film and TV, fun stuff, Web designs, Travel, business, etc. You can find some greatly useful articles on Freelancing in the section titled “Business”. The design of the site is quite simple and relax, thus navigation around the archives is also quite simple and intuitive. If you want, you can also contact the author through email by selecting “Contact” option.


Mashable - Your Trusted Freelance Blog As soon as you open their homepage, it may seem cluttered with adds and other linking stuffs. But is you look at with a little concentration, then you can see that it actually is a great pointer to some really exciting freelance stuffs. It holds pointer to myriad classes of freelancing opportunities such as writing, programming, auction, photography to name a few. A very useful site for having a glance of all kind of freelancing opportunities at in shot..

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The Secrets Of A Successful Freelancing Career

Just to share you a good article - The Building Blocks Of A Successful Freelancing Career by Ritu B. Pant. Photos by and

freelance secrets A Freelancer is a person who engages himself in a profession without a long-term engagement to any one employer. One of the great amenities of this profession is that they enjoy a varied flavour of assignments and can manuevor their work routine as they deem fit. Freelance career is providing a great flexibility that is not seen in regular professions. Once established, it can be the source of some really good income.

To a freelancer, the most ultimate object of attention should be the client himself. As they are the ones who will bring the heart of the job, that is, the job itself. So, every freelancer must treat their clients in such a diction that a new client in the end turns into a returning client, It is not only a guaranteed way to keep the influx of the job pretty consistent, but also can be a great pointers to more and more referrals.

This article outlines some of the ways that a freelancer can keep their client inside their regular circle, these steps are pretty basic and thus most imperatives to successfully strike a cord of constant goodwill between the freelancer and the client.


No matter what happens, you must be able to deliver what the client wants, from time to time. Then the client will easily recognise you as one of the reliable contacts and provide you with more work opportunities. There are certain things that you can do to make this reliability a reality:-

  • deliver on time
  • provide great support
  • answer any and all questions your client may have
  • be quick in replying to e-mails and returning phone calls
  • keep the client abreast about the whereabouts of the project.

And then your client will never think of hiring anyone else.


Though credibility and reliability both are intertwined, but in case of become really credible to the eyes of client, you must project that extra care towards him that goes beyond the contract paper. Such as develop a nice friendly relation with the customer, listen to his points (Even if outside the job), ask questions and show the urgency to complete the project on time. These will surely make you not only a reliable and effective person who can and knows how to do the job, but also a credible support the client was ardently looking for.

Effective Promotion Material

You may be selling your skill through web sites or through brochures, or even in magazines also. But whatever the medium may be, the first thing you must make sure is that your portfolio and the medium itself is eye-catching and interesting enough to arrest the client. As they say, the first impression is the last impression.


If not applied properly, this is usually something that can sabotage the chance of registering a potential client. Do not forget the any probable client and the responsibility under any circumstances. If you can not contact the client immediately, try to have him some automated message as to say you are busy and will contact with him soon as you are free; and that contact should occur within 24-48 hours of time duration. And if the client happens to be a regular one, and you can not really attend him in his chosen schedule, then do not just completely overlook till the next meeting date, instead, in the middle at least send one or two nice SMS or email saying that you have remembered his enquiries and soon will get back to that.

If you can follow the above steps with efficiency, then you will have a list of client that will always refer back to you in time of need, in return you are the one who will be profited and will be content, alongside the clients.

A Sad Story of a Scam Job Victim

Thanks to Ms.Lam Poh Yee for contributing a true story of a scam victim. We found it very interesting and would like to share it with the community.

The Story

scam job story Once, a friend of mine who came from Perak, trying his luck to find a job in KL. Unfortunately, he fall into a scam that was being advertised by one Company ABC (not to be disclosed here). This company claimed that they can find a matching job for my friend if he join them for a fee, RM160. The fee basically covers the registration, resume production, an interview, and job search.

My friend paid them and the process began. First, they produced a resume for my friend and even burned it into a CD. Then, one of the self-claimed interview officer interviewed my friend and evaluated his skills throughout the interview. After the interview, the officer told my friend he would submit the resume to a ‘travel agency’ applying for the admin clerk position that promised a basic salary of RM1200/month.

They issued a payment receipt and a copy of agreement to be signed by my friend. My friend, being the victim did not know anything about the scam and signed the papers. He happily thought that he had found the right job as the company promised my friend would get the job within a few days. All my friend had to do that time was waiting for their call.

My friend waited and waited until one day the officer called and inform him that he had to wait for another few days as the company they submitted his resume hadn’t reply them yet. My friend started to smell the rat but then what he could do but waited for the next few days. The final result of this scam was that the officer called again and this time the officer informed my friend that the ‘travel agency’ they submitted had rejected his resume and my friend was at lost. Not only he did not get any job but he also forfeited his RM160 (which he borrowed from a friend).

This company is located at the heart of KL. Physically, this company appeared to be a professional company but deep down there is a scam behind them. The company is a registered company and that allowed them to operate without any disruption.

My friend lodged a report at National Consumer CC and until today he is still waiting for the judgement. However, I don’t really think that there will be any judgement at all. It is simply too difficult to catch them unless if the luck is on our side but with their cunning ideas, luck hardly is on our side.
So, what have we learnt here? Be careful when choosing a job agency. Do research their background, check if there is anyone else who has been using the service of this company and ask them their experience with this company.

How to Identify Scam Job Agency?

Job Agencies are very popular place for graduates to set a foot finding the right job. How many job agencies that actually deliver the real jobs to these graduates? Actually only few agencies that are truly real. So how to distinguish between the real and fake job agencies? It is difficult to know.

However, the best way to find out the culprit, one can always try to search at consumer related website such as You may check out the list of scam companies which reported with us. You may find out what other consumers have to say about the scam job agency that one intend to join.

Always remember, "Never Paid To Get A Job" especially Part Time Job.

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