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6 Effective Ways to Earn More as a Freelancer

Freelancing is fast becoming a regular sight in the job market. The allure of part-time work is great for people unsatisfied with their regular job. Maybe they need to pick up some extra cash or need to work from home. Whatever the reason why freelancing is where you currently find yourself, you’ll want to maximize your earnings. Here are some tips to consider as you try to fatten your wallet as a freelancer:

It’s okay to say no
You don’t have to take every job that comes across your plate. Be careful and weigh the pros and cons of each job. If it seems like it’s going to be very time consuming but not very monetarily rewarding then pass on the gig.

Recycle your work
If you’re a freelance writer and have written extensively on particular genre then you probably have a lot of notes on the subject. Take advantage of your prior research and pull stuff out of your notes or older articles. The key to making money is to work smart, not necessarily work hard.

This has been a debatable issue lately. To multitask or to not multitask. If you can learn how to do so properly then you’re heading in the right direction. If you find that your quality of work is suffering because you’re overextending yourself then back off.

Dedication bears fruit
Even if multitasking is something you’re good at you’ll want to make sure that you stay focused on what your contractor is asking of you. Summarily, the most important thing you have to offer is quality work. This should always be your foremost concern.

Keep track of your own hours
Often times you’ll get a flat rate for a given project but still keep track of the amount time you spend on the project to make sure the job was worth your while. As you accumulate a larger portfolio of work you’ll be able to see if your wages are commensurate with the hours you actually worked.

Get the most of your time
Even if you’re working at home you want to make sure that when you’re on the clock you’re doing work. It can be difficult to avoid distractions when working at home but treat it as a regular job. There will be time to watch T.V. later – like when you’ve finished a job. Even though you’re at home you’re still in the real world.

This article is contributed by Heather Johnson, who regularly writes on the topic of job descriptions. She invites your questions and writing job opportunities at her personal email address:

Scam Review: Is / a scam? - Scam Review Recently, there are two jobs posted on our job board. These jobs is talked about making money by joining and respectively. Our Scam Investigation team did a quick check on these websites. Here is the report:-

It is another Work-From-Home Business strategy that promises to germinate a decent income flow to the user of the system. It is available in five different languages and you are required to input some of your information to begin with.

From the beginning, a positive impression is created in user’s mind due the attractive home page it has. When you input some of your information such as name, country, phone number etc, you are taken to a page where you’ll see some statistical record.

Now as you move forward, you continue the journey inside this impressively well-designed web site. For the first time, you get to know that it’s about wellness product; and revolving around wellness industry. The web portal claims the importance and boom of this industry by instituting the following fact:

“The Wellness Industry is a new, exciting industry that is already achieving sales of $500 Billion in the U.S. ASIA, follows the same trend and has even passed the $500 Billion mark (That is an amazing $300 Billion growth in 5 short years). Within the next few years The Wellness Industry is well on its way to pass the growth of the $1 Trillion auto industry and the $1 Trillion PC industry.”

From these facts it is really pretty clear that this industry does have a future and that the web portal seems to be genuine, as its offering has got some basis. So, on the next screen we can see some testimonials of satisfied customer. If we proceed further, you will end up having a screen where you can fill out all the details to start as an active member.

However, as you can see at the bottom of the page that it is not actually free and the minimum amount you’ve to invest is RM 200. If you are not interested, you can back off at this point or you can further proceed. If you’ve successfully completed the form, you should be assigned a coach, coach name will appear in the screen. He will suppose to contact you within 48 hours. In the meanwhile, you can see a video sent into your inbox to get a general overview.

From our experience, it is a 99% scam site. I am sure you get nothing after you pay the RM200 for investment. They are trying to cheat you by showing all the unbelievable statistic. Once you get excited and pay them, then you are fallen into their well-designed trap. No return back!

Don’t believe all this "Too Good to be True" program. We are feeling sad to see all the victims report their experience to us. By reading their scam stories, you will know whether this is genuine or not.

Is There A Career For Blogging?

This post is summarized from the Daily Blogging Tips. Photo by Depts.

Blogging Career Stashing away from full time job for blogging is an active bait for many of the starter blogger. Unfortunately, very few actually end up reaching that level, and that too after much privation. The cardinal key is consistency and patience. The pressure of incessantly churning out new content must be dealt with equally fortified persistence.

To really earn a range of full scale income, you have to build up the momentum and this article will discuss some points to show you the way:-

Organizing multiple sources of Income

This is vital to realize that by just advertising in your blog, you’ll not be able to really power up your income stream unless your blog is hugely popular for some reason. For example, talk about some niche topic in your blog just like what ProBlogger talk about making money by blogging.

Thus, the best deal is to develop some other source of income using your blog. For example, introducing some affiliate programs in your blog. You may earn up to 5 digits income just depends on affiliate sales. Check out How JohnChow achieve that with his blog. You can also sell premium contents as another way to add some extra income flow. All these together if effectively combined, can generate some good money over the time flow.

Dealing it as a Business

To generate a consistent financial stream, you must treat your blog as a business instead of a hobby where you can invest your time in an irregular fashion. Save plenty of time for your blog to work on it, you may feel a problematic at first but with time everything will take off smoothly.  Beside these, you must be willing to reinvest some part of the money back into improving your blog. It will open more opportunity for higher revenue. This a crucial part and you must take this step into high consideration.

Managing Multiple Blogs

If you have more than one blog, then you can naturally generate more cash flow. However, having said that, it may sometimes become too onerous to manage all the blogs at a time, in that case, you should concrete the position of one blog and then concentrate more on the other blogs.

A Different Approach

In this approach, you will blog for another blogging side. The advantage is not only you can get the extra income. If your contents are good, you can actively make friends with other bloggers and gradually build a network of contacts, which is indeed very important.

So these are few of the tips to give your blogging dream-start.

How to Become a Successful Part Time Blogger?

This post is summarized from the Embracing the Status of Part-Time Blogger: 5 Practical Tips. Photo by ZNET.

success bloggingEarning a full-time income through blogging has become a popular discussion topic among active bloggers. However, even blogging on part-time basis can also bring an amount that can be considered as a sufficient or  more than your full-time income. This article will propose some tips to maximise your chances of making the full out of part-time blogging.

Develop A Plan

A plan is a baseline for anything that is ever to become a successful attempt. Blogging part-time is also no different. You must have a plan about your end target, like, are you happy with just part-time income or you want to build it up over the months to churn out some real good amounts? Whatever it may be, it is always appreciable to work around on a fixed and logical plan.

Frame A Schedule

As you are working part-time, you are not going to have the whole day, so you must fix a proper schedule. Then, you must follow the schedule to make sure that the time you are spending on blogging is fruitful. You are rightly focusing on something beneficial, other than letting that few hours slipping through on futile activities. Try to shut down your MSN, Yahoo, Skype. It will distract you from blogging. 

Never Over Do

If you see some success from blogging part-time in one specific blog, you may feel the incitement to involve yourself in some other or may try to spawn some other fancy idea straightaway. However, this might bring more pain in the back rather than bliss, as you may lost track of all these as you will then have to work much more in a short span of time; and you may also end up messing with your full-time work which will surely can bring about some tough times. So, carefully decide how much you can afford in one shot without being exposed to some misfortunes.


Building the blogging up can work well into the advantages of your asset department. You can hoard it up to sell it off later on or keep it as an asset that you can later use for your benefit. Besides these, blogging part-time you also can build your reputation gradually. Look at Kenny Sia. He is becoming a celebrity because of his blog.

Revise Your Objective

As you go along with your blogging, and gain more and more experience, you are likely to have already altered some future direction from the original standings when you initiated the blogging. This deviation is natural and in fact it is a good advise to occasionally cogitate about the present status and what tactic can bring about the best profitable outcome for you; and step up accordingly.

So these are the few important points that can greatly refurbish your approach in part-time blogging which will only be of benefit to you.

The Benefits of Part-Time Blogging

This post is summarized from the Embracing the Status of Part-Time Blogger: 5 Practical Tips. Photo by 10kmarshmallows.

part-time blogging One of the common topic among active bloggers is that how to earn a full time income through just by blogging only, just like a ProBlogger. Though the debate is quite interesting, but to me, there is one important aspect missing, that is the benefit of part-time blogging instead of a full-time commitment. This article will shed some enlightenment of this frequently overlooked aspect of blogging.

Security & Stability

One of the advantages of this kind of approach is that you will not loose the stability that comes with a full time day job; and also you don’t have to take the risk that can arise out of the straight full time involvement in blogging.

Less Pressure

With a part-time approach, you will be free from the pressure of earning huge sum just through blogging. You will be able to keep yourself nicely afloat with the full-time income. The blogging then will just be a very useful extra. So, even if you don’t earn that much in a certain month off blogging, you will not be any sever stymie.

Passive Income

Though you will not be entailed to earn the whole month’s expenditure off blogging, but actually you do have a good chance and scope to earn quite a handsome figure, with a judicious effort in part-time basis. The dedicated ones will find the their income increasing steadily and it may come to a point where you might think of finally giving up the day job. Read up the some stories on how LiewCF convert his part time blogging to be a full time job.

Allowing Re-Investment

Blogging is also a business; and one common trait for almost every business is the factor of re-investing money to spread the activities in a more rapid manner. It effectively increasing the business deals and bringing more profit in return. However, in the case of part-time bloggers, this trend is really low, and they often is more interested to save money rather than re-investing part of their earnings to get some more opportunities. This thinking should be avoided and the bloggers must keep their heart open to some other opportunities also, even if it costs few bucks.

So, the aforementioned points really shows us that even blogging in part-time basis can open up some convenient opportunities for a blogger.

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