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What Has Been Your Biggest Challenge as A Freelance Designer?

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Freelance Challenge Freelancing business has many forms and shapes. Each has its own dimension and each individual freelancer find different issues to be their main obstacle in their way of success. This article will illustrate some of the common challenges that the freelance designers of these days have to tackle with:-

Looking for Client

Initially, it is a challenge for many freelancers as they are new and naive in this field. The effective way to tackle this problem is an aggressive self-promotion.


To get a really good client base, the freelancers often has to have a strong network of people who can both be taken as client and people who can hire clients. This network of people will grow steadily as the freelancer goes through his job with success. Always keep your portfolio shine.


Marketing is another big hurdle for newbies. The knowledge of marketing is as essential as the ability in doing the work. Without effective marketing, no one will figure out your service and you will not be able to grow your client base.

Managing Clients

It is really challenging to manage all types of clients in design projects as clients will ask for basically anything that comes into their mind regarding project at any point of time. But for the freelancer, it may become very difficult to effectively handle all the requests. Failing to do so brings the profit margin down and also offends the clients.


Pricing is of great confusion to many freelancers. How to evaluate the project or how to set the price standard are something that puts many freelancers into a state of total ambivalence. However, the best to set the price according to your skill level.

Maintaining Workload

Sometimes the pressure of work can be too much to handle and easily the freelancers can lose their time track, which may affect their other jobs in hand and personal affairs. The effective solution is to draw a plan of time-frame and stick to that plan at any cost. Read more about How to Balance Your Freelance Life?

These are some of the obstacles that a freelance designers have to face in a consistence basis. But it differs person to person which one is their biggest nemesis for them. For example, one designer can find the ‘Pricing’ to be the foremost problem, but for a newbie designer, ‘Getting the clients’ can be the hardest challenge. All in all, with effective plan and execution, all these can be neutralized.

How to do Self-Promotion As a Freelancer?

image Self promotion is basically the only way to start off a freelancing career. An effective self promotion with efficient work output can really give a strong boost to the career. This article will give some good tips on self promotion issues.

Distribute Freebies

Travel a bit where you can find a gathering of potential custome. Offer them a leaflet or some free samples of your work. Give your name card too. Check out how LiewCF got his free name card for free.

Take Assistance

Try to be in good terms with the neighboring non-competitors business owner. Try to exchange information and business cards with them, see if they are willing to advertise your product or service.

Offer a Referral Incentive Program

Offer a referral incentive to the customer in the form of a gift such as a gift certificate, discount in future work, etc. This can be really handy at times.

Arrange a Contest

Stage some kind of a contest among your customers with grand prizes. This will really excite them and will help to propel your name. Promote your contest through newspaper, flyers or radio stations.

Directory Listing

Don’t forget to list your company in all proper directory listings, both in the free ones, and if you can afford, the paid ones as well.

Use your Dress Up

Create T-Shirts, hats to display your business and company information. Wearing this will help you in advertising even if you are just walking somewhere. Just to share, we just printed a T-Shirt for AsiaPartTime :)

Sponsor Charity Events

By sponsoring to some charity, you will not only get a PR for your business but also in effect, will contribute to a noble cause.

Involve Yourself in Social Groups

Try to get involved in local financial and commerce related groups, and do not waste any chance of networking there. From there you will end up having more referrals.

Show up in Trade Shows

Whenever an opportunity arises about participating in a trade show, grab that, it is a great way to promote yourself in a rapid style.

Keep in Touch With Other Freelancers

Make friendship with them, so that they will remember you as a friend and can safely redirect works that they are not able to complete.

Blog Contribution

Visit different blogs and put thoughtful and intelligent comments. This way you will be able to attract people and redirect them to your blog or web site.

Service Exchange

Offer a local business some free service in exchange of advertising your posters or business cards.

By following these tips, a successful self-promotion framework can be developed and used to a greater advantage.

5 Essential Web Design Forums You Should Know

Discussion is an important issue in almost every creative endeavor that is to be undertaken by an individual. In the online world, there is no better place than the notion of ‘Forum’.

A forum is a web application for holding discussions and posting user-generated content.

Forum is a dynamic and animated circle of creative ideas, solutions of different dimensions of problems, sharing of knowledge and knitting a web of networking with like-minded individuals all around the world.

This article will point the web-designing freelancers to some of these online forums.


SitePoint - Web Design Forum One of the most thriving communities of graphics designers, especially for web designers. The very appearance of the forum is quite relaxing and attractive. In the opening page of the forum it has a well-kept list of recent and most discussed topics. There have a huge lists of all the available categories related to web design. Each of the discussion category is extensive and contains many useful information.

Web Designer Forum

Web Designer Forum - Web Design Forum Another nice looking and informative forum, though it is not as extensive as the previous one. Basically, it covers all the issues relating to web designing, programming and promotion. As an additional discussion topic, the portal contains forums on SEO Marketing and Website Business. In the hardware and Software section it covers an extensive issues in contemporary development in both the fields.

Webmaster World

WebMaster World - Web Design Forum This is a bit of different forum where the highlighted entity is the Webmasters. Though the issues of graphics designing and development is also addressed in great length. The focus is mainly on the webmasters with the forums on topics like Website analytic, Contents and Copyrighting practices, general issues in the tasks of Webmastering, different web hosting platforms, Network operating systems, scripting, accessibility and usability, database management, etc. This portal is hosting recent development news among big guns such Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. Along with the contents on designing, this forum is one of the most valuable insights for both designers and webmasters.

Estetica Design

Estetica Design - Web Design Forum This is one of the topmost visually attractive graphics and web design forum. It is mainly divided into five major categories. The first category contains the general forum sections, with forum topic on rules and regulations, job opportunities, advise and help issues on designing and a section for advertisements. The second category is just a fun and amusement section for the members. The third one is dedicated to almost all the known issues in web development and designing, with forums on CSS, programming, flash, search engines, hosting services, etc. The following section is on print and graphic design, covering all well known aspect of graphic and print issues, along with an in-depth forum of graphics designing software. And the last one is just an amalgamation of forums on other designing fields such as photography and motion graphics; along with business opportunities and tutorials. Overall it is a great one-stop shop for designers from all walks of creativity.


DesignsTalk - Web Design Forum The design of the forum and the arrangements of the topics are extremely simple and flexible. It is divided into three basic sections. The vastness and depth of each of the sections are quite incredibly. A good repository of useful knowledge.

Aforementioned sites are really impressive in every conceivable way as has been pointed out. Every designers should affiliate himself to of these forums in a regular basis.

Essential Tool to Invoice Your Freelance Clients

In freelance business, invoicing is requires a great and meticulous treatment in a regular basis. One mistake in this regard can cause significant damage as far as loosing the client. Invoicing means the tasks related to financial aspects of your business. Such as record keeping of your earnings, expenses and profit. Then comes the part of billings, in fact all these are grouped together to be termed as invoicing in a freelance work.

The steps regarding a sound processing of invoicing should encompass easiness in invoicing, securing important data, having effective backup policies etc. This article will illustrate a tool to fulfill these objectives.

imageThe tool is a web portal naming This site has been launched to effectively address the drudgery of billing and many other shortcomings regarding creating invoices in few other softwares. The objective is to save your time, user friendliness, offering a secure and encrypted environment to store the data and accessibility for 24/7.

There are several advantages for which this service has gained popularity in more than 100 countries worldwide:-

  • Creating and managing invoices with extreme ease and enjoyable manner.
  • Time tracking for expenses.
  • Propagating invoices through both snail mail and email.
  • Secure acceptance of your payment through Authorize.NET, PayPal, etc.
  • Auto-Send capability regarding forwarding invoices and late payment notices.
  • Preparing robust reports through an effective report generation module and exporting/importing securely and reliably.

The portal is actually not limited to freelancers only, any other work that requires time management and invoicing can use this product. In the blog section, you can find plenty of useful articles such as Digital Security Practices and Programming Issues.

All in all, it is a great tool. An effective use of it can reap great benefit for individuals and company as a whole.

5 Ways to Make Money from Blogging

Make Money In modern times, blogging has become an effective source of Online Money Making for those who are effective enough to know how to use this tool. There are examples where one people is seen making a highly decent revenue while the other is not earning that much. The difference lies in the strategy that has been employed in the business. Not all kinds of blogs are suitable or fully profitable for everyone.

This article will list out some of best known options to utilize in your blogging in order to turn it as powerful as you can:-

Pay per Post Technique

This is a rather common but important and tested strategy. The basic idea is to develop a lot of blogs preferably with their own domain and in various sides of contemporary issues. And then add content to it in a regular manner (Minimum 3 times/week). Once the site is developed enough, you can submit it to Review Me, Loudlaunch, and PayPerPost . You are also required to type out a decent sponsored reviews to earn some fast cash. Check out our previous post on How To Make USD840/month by Blogging.

Selling Text Links

Selling out text links to various web owners, who are looking to enhance their Google PageRank is one of the surefire way around to make money from your blog. However, you must make sure that your site itself is on the top list of Google with High PageRank. Moreover, the contents of the site must justifies its title. If you interested to buy some Text Links from this blog, Feel Free to Contact us. Currently, we are at Page Rank 3.

Adopting Adsense/Affliate Marketing Policy

This is one of the finest opportunities of making money from Blog these days. However, contrary to the expectation, not much of the bloggers around have managed to effectively utilize this technique. The foremost requirement of this tactic is to design your blog with some high frequency key phrases and make the blog flourish around a specific topic. Check out JohnChow and ProBlogger on how they earn USD20K++ / month but utilize this opportunity.

Corporate Blogging Opportunity

The main objective is to promote the business. Thus direct income from this strategy is not always achievable. However, the benefit is there, in the form of increased marketing and exposure that the blog will churn out for your business.

Being a Professional Blogger

When you are a professional blogger, you are paid to create content. And sometimes are also given a share of the earnings from Blog’s advertisements.

Thus implementing the aforementioned opportunities guarantees you a smooth and an effectual progress of your blog towards increased profit and exposure.

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