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The Pros and Cons of Working from Home on the Internet

Work From Home Working from home, like any other regular job, has pros and cons. For some the pro’s may seem bigger enough than the con’s, and for others may be the reverse. This article will illustrate some of these issues.


  1. Flexibility
    This is one of the single most important point to mention. The flexibility that comes with this kind of approach is limitless and in fact you are the boss of your own work. You can take rest anytime you want, and can engage in work at any time of day or even night as well. 
  2. Authority
    As has been mentioned previously, you are the authority of your work. You do not have to worry about some other people on top of you braking all the time or calling you at work at impossible of times. You are free and are ready to do the job as you see fit.
  3. Good For Health
    Often when you are working outside, you may not be able to come back at home for some meal or lunch, therefore you either have to go without eating or have to be satisfied with fast-foods. But working from home completely obviates this fact and you are always near to the fresh cooked foods of your house. This gives you an edge on your health issues.
    Other than food, you will have more times for sports and healthy activities. Take me as an example, after quitting my 9-5 job, I got more time for my fitness exercise. As a Home Worker, your health must be always in the tip-top condition. Hence, take out more sports activities and enjoy it.
  4. Spare Family Time
    Working from home gives you more spare time to spend with family, which can be of immense importance and a source of great happiness. The quality free time you spend with your family member makes you more refreshing for your work, thereby overall improving your performance.
  5. Work From Anywhere
    Though a regular job in most cases is confined inside a building, a work from approach is actually free from any space or location restriction, and you can work from basically any part of the world. I work from anyway I want as long as give me an Internet connection.


  1. Distraction
    When you are at home, you may face many kinds of distractions from your kids, wives or other family members, as they may not be really aware of your work strategy clearly. Getting an extra room and making it appear kind of an office suit can ride you out.
  2. Lonely
    This kind of work is kind of a lonely in the sense that most of the time you will be working alone. While in a regular job there are plenty of people around you at the office hour. Personally, I will go to the nearest Old Town Cafe / Star Buck whenever I feel lonely when working. I will plan to have lunch with my friends whenever possible.
  3. The Need of Discipline
    Work from home requires a good degree of discipline from your part as you may have to focus for a long time at a stretch doing your work. So people who need constant motivation of cheering up may face some issues.
  4. Same Place Every time
    Working from may become monotonous as the work place is same all the time. Going out here and there may relieve you a bit, but initially it may become a significant bottleneck.

So these were some of the Pros and Cons of working from home. All the cons have workarounds if you are really eager to sustain in this field and prosper, because the pros are really attractive for the long run.

This post is summarized from The Pros and Cons of Working from Home on the Internet. Photo by MakingBreadMagazine.

How is the life of a Pro-Blogger?

Blogging I guess many people are interested to know the life of a Pro-Blogger. Check out this interesting post-The Perks of Pro Blogging by Daniel Scocco. He is describing his pro-blogging life in a very interesting way. There is a big different between his 9-5 job and his current pro-blogging life. Perhaps you may want to follow his footstep too.

Before you become a Pro-Blogger, you may try it out in a part time basis. Just simply signup an account with Blogspot or Wordpress. Then, start to blog and build up your readership. If you want to get a mentor to guide you on blogging in an effective and money making way, check out this FREE Blogging Workshop offered by Steven and Melvin.

Let’s blog and build up your interest. You never know you will become another Pro-Blogger who could enjoy the nice view at the beach while the money is generating from your blog.

Photo by lifespy.

Free Workshop to Learn "Make Money From Blogging"

2 weeks ago, I attended the Profit Blogging Workshop which was organised by AsiaOnline Mastery Sdn Bhd at Crystal Crown Hotel, PJ. Thanks for SC.Wong for the invitation to this valuable workshop. Initially, my purpose of attending was to find out MORE on how blogging can be a source of part-time income and subsequently turning it into a full time income.

Melvin Ng & Poh Ee During the workshop, I felt glad to meet up with the 2 Blogging Master cum speakers, Steven Wong and Melvin Ng(The Smart Guy in Black Suit). I found them to be knowledgeable, sincere and approachable. In fact, during my conversation with them, I discovered that their passion for conducting the Profit Blogging Workshop was to show more Malaysians how they can increase their income through blogging, as they had done it themselves.

According to them, blogging is one of the easiest and fastest way to make money online that only requires minimal time and investment. The setup cost is negligible and it is suitable for someone with no web designing, programming or even IT technical knowledge.

Profit Blogging Workshop Agenda During their presentation, they shared their 5 Points Profit Blogging System which they personally use, the 3 secrets of successful blogging, and the 3 major reasons why people fail in blogging. Check out the agenda of the workshop from the photo captured in the workshop.

In my opinion, this Profit Blogging Workshop serves as a foundation for people who want to make money on the Internet. I learned that to be successful in blogging or any Internet business, we need to have a ‘Proven System’ and the correct mentoring, which the Profit Blogging Workshop can provide..

Steven and Melvin will be conducting the Profit Blogging Bootcamp on 5th & 6th July 2008. For further info, check out their website at

Why "Logan Strain" don’t want to be a Freelancer?

I recently read on the 4 Reasons Why Freelancing Sometimes is not Desirable. All the while, I am promoting the advantage of full-time freelance life. However, Logan Strain enlighten me on the disadvantage of becoming a full time freelancer. Let’s share her thought with you folks.

image Though freelancing has become a revolution in the way people earn their living, some things haven’t changed for years. Many freelancers find it difficult to cope with, which ultimately leads to an abandonment of this avenue. This article will shed light on such 4 reasons, which compels many freelancers to think twice about the prospect of their work.


For those freelancers who are married, it is important to earn enough money to provide sufficient daycare service for the children in the early stages of their lives. Freelancers often do not earn as expected, and they tend to leave out the optional luxuries of life and family. But it is important to remember, ‘daycare’ service is pretty much on the top of importance list for a child. And you must have that extra bit of income to ensure that service for you children.

Free Time

Sometimes freelancers have to work real hard and at a stretch for long hours. If this is done in a regular basis, life can become quite strenuous; which ultimately takes its toll on the health issues. However, with effective time management techniques on a regular basis, this problem can mostly be tackled with good effect.


This is another aspect that is vastly important for those freelancers who is having a family. Due to the fluctuation in earning rate and sometimes insufficient revenue, many freelancers might have faced problems affording the insurance. Thus, many freelancer choose to completely ditch this burden of maintaining insurance for his family members, which, in the long run, may not turn out profitable.


The hardest drawback of freelancing is the fact that there may not be any stable pay-cheque at the end of month. If you don’t know in advance how much you are going to earn, it may become pretty problematic to draw up the budget scale. This is one issue that hurt majority of freelancers at some point of their career.

Thus, it’s a mix baggage. If you are truly courageous enough to withstand all this problems with bold virtues, and are ready to deploy counter plans and measures to ameliorate these unwanted situations, you will surely reap the benefit of freelancing.

Photo by Parthshah.

Essential Tools for Freelance Designer by Adrian

Hey folks, I recently read an Interview With Adrian Diaconescu of Rubiqube. I would like to share part of the interview which talked about essential tools that Adrian used for his freelance work. If you don’t know who is Adrian, here is a short introduction on him:-

My name is Adrian Diaconescu and I’m a freelance designer based in Bucharest, Romania.

Professionally speaking, I tried pretty much everything: the 9 to 5 job, the entrepreneurship,the corporate world. I took the plunge and quit my last day job in March 2007. Since then, I made a lot of new friends and worked on many cool projects.


freelance tools Freelance design is an exciting form of freelance work, which can be of great fun, creativeness and challenging . However, to successful, modern day designers must use various kinds of available tools. Here is the essential tools to help you success :-

Adobe Fireworks CS3

It is a product from Adobe, which is widely in use for creating and optimising images for the web and rapidly prototyping websites. The primary advantages the software renders are its ability to integrate between Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, improved layer organisation, improved scaling, integrating Adobe Bridge, customisable asset, integration between Flash and Dreamweaver and multi-page support. I guess most of the freelance designers should know about this tool. Personally, I am using Adobe Photoshop to edit some simple images on this blog. Perhaps, I should try out Fireworks as well.


Well-known application to make phone calls over Internet. It is actually free when the called person is also using Skype, while calls to landlines and cell phones can be made for a pretty low affordable cost. All in all it’s a one-stop shop when it comes to communication with your clients. Personally, I’ve been using it to call my customers from oversea in a very low rate. I guess, the rate is cheaper than the rate offered by any of the local telco such as Maxis, Celcom or Digi.


Mozilla Thunderbird is a free, open source, cross-platform e-mail and news client developed by the Mozilla Foundation. It has number of features that makes it arguably one of the most efficient products in its field. Personally, I would recommend you to Add-On the FireBug to help on website designing. Another good add-on is the color picker which you simply capture a color from any nice website.


It is a web portal aimed at the freelancer and managers who are looking for solution to manage, schedule time allocation and adjustments for the involved projects. It has a central database with all employee timesheets in one place, generate the detailed timesheet reports for each employee (in fact reports on employee performance can also be generated). It is ideal for geographically distributed teams. Use this tool to keep track on your project management.


Software that furnishes a way to manage your website is commonly called a CMS or "Content Management System". Wordpress is such kind of web based blogging tool. It has various useful and necessary features. Now, blogging is part of the lifestyle for Freelance Designer. Most of them use blog as the platform to showcase their freelance portfolio just like what Adrian did. Perhaps, you should have a good showcase to show off your previous works. It helps in gaining confident from your client.

These were few of the most reputed and useful tools for freelance Designers. Effective use of these tools can really make your freelance life a lot easier.

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