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Making Money By Giving Away Free Magazine Subscriptions. Real?

According to Mike, there are various money-making schemes can be found on the Internet. One of the newest is generating income by giving away free magazine subscription. The idea is to give away free magazine subscription, products and white papers relevant to your blog or website.

imageThis opportunity has been offered by RevResponse, a subsidy of NetLine. To aid you at the beginning, they will give you a co-branded site with a lot of ads and widgets. If you want the official details, this is how RevResponse describes it:

With NetLine’s RevResponse, you’re in the position to give your audience valuable content completely free of charge AND get paid for doing so. As you know all too well, this is practically unheard of. Your users see the value and sign up for the free content, and we pay you a commission on every qualified subscription or download request - including requests from your international audience. Find another network that pays you to give away professional content and resources.

Categories of magazine are various; amounting a total of 600 different offering including podcasts, white papers, trade and business magazines. Popular magazine such as eWeek, BusinessWeek and The Economist are also available. Free offers magazines makes a total of 30 and includes IT, Internet, Small & Medium Business, Sales and Marketing, Finance, Multimedia, Networking etc.

Money is paid on free subscriptions. According to RevResponse: ‘We’ll guarantee you a $1.50 minimum on every qualified subscription/request.’ This can be more. Normal payout is between $2 to $20. There is also money to be made by referring others into the program. The referral range is 20% for the first six months of them joining. Payments are carried out through Check or PayPal. Payments are made in USD and the minimum payout is $50.

The RevResponse team offers both forum and blog where you can get in touch with 100s of other members and actively share information. In the forum there is a section where you can communicate with the admin directly. The RevResponse is a free service and operates internationally.
All in all it is a new kind of business opportunity, which is worth a try.

Earn while Reading FREE Magazine

5 Ways to Meet Deadlines For Freelancers

Project Deadlines When you start a project, among the various side factors, completion of the projects within the stipulated time frame is the one that is prominently on top of all other considerations. Things get harder when you are going through multiple projects at a time. However, there are solutions and workarounds as this article will point out some of these.


When you deal with multiple clients, it is important to prioritise the project and rank it accordingly by assigning them various levels base on requirements. It helps you to start the real work with a clear vision. Following is an example:

On a day, you are feeling a bit off and are not finding any inspiration to work for some reason. However, you still have to work as you need to satisfy, let’s say, two clients. So, you can go through any of the following:

  1. You work too hard despite your adverse physical or mental condition, and finish both the projects, making the client satisfied. But, as you have stressed yourself too much, thus your health can break down, forcing you not to work at all for the next 3 or 4 days; which may easily offend the other remaining clients.
  2. You decide to complete one project and left the other for the next day, as you know the later client will not be too stressed out and is co-operative, but the former one is not always so co-operative and tends to easily get along if the deadline is not met.

For me, option ‘2’ is much better and suitable for the condition as you are properly evaluating and prioritising the clients according to the merit of their behaviour and the gravity of the projects.


Before finalising a project, do think about your own ability. If the client asks you to finish 4 articles in 2 days, think first if you can or not. If you are really sure, go ahead, if not, ask for the reduction and try your best to surpass that limit. For example if the client agrees on 3 article in 2 days, finish it and try to finish another 1. This way if you are successful, client will be more than happy, and even if you manage to finish at least 3, you are on the safe side.


Do not work more than 5 days. In any case, do not cross those extra 2 days over, even if you know that you can work. Accept the projects keeping in mind that those 2 days you are not working. In this way, you will always have few extra days for emergencies, chilling outs or sudden events; and more importantly, it is vitally crucial that you take some break in the middle of continuous work.


Before packing up for the day, evaluate yourself. Analyse how much work you did against the expected scale. Decide if anything had gone wrong and how to fix that. Also plan how the next day should proceed. You must make this a habit, which will greatly benefit you on becoming a potent performer in your field with time.


Social events are part of life and some of them you just can’t miss by any means. However, the problem occurs when you suddenly remember them and then it becomes difficult to adjust with the work you were doing at that time. To avoid this, go through the weekly schedule carefully and properly identify days that will have to be spent on outside events other than work, and schedule your work according to that. This way you will always have a nice balance of work and social life.

Hopefully the aforementioned points will aid you to become a proficient freelancer with effective grip on project deadlines.

This post is summarized from 5 Sure-Fire Ways to Meet Deadlines For Freelancers & Web Workers. Photo by JupiterImages.

5 Essential Tips for Web Copywriting

image Writing for the web entails a bit different perspective than writing in other mediums. A sound blog topic, that leaves a mark in reader’s mind. It is a carefully thought out product based on several abstract and non-abstract issues. When all these issues are dealt with proper cognition, a blog topic is tickled with a touch of life in itself. This article will introduce you with some of these issues.


It all starts with a title, if the title of the article is not attractive enough, most probably the reader will not bother to take the time and have a look at it. The title should be something that will function as “Attention Grabber”, and will draw the user into reading the content.

Below are few idea of how you should orient a title:

  • Be critical about some controversial issue
  • Offer some most-wanted tool or information for free
  • Call out a scammer
  • Write a tutorial spanning over several series
  • A catchy expression on a celebrity
  • A well thought out teasing of amusing title


Do not be afraid of being bold and shocking at your writings. People want to read something that is different, something that has spice in it. Write with confidence and take a different approach towards audacity at times, and you will never be short of readers.


The voice of your writing should be such that it immediately gives the impression of being friendly and personal with the audience. The reader should feel they are just in the same track as the writer was at that moment of writing. The reader should feel like he is not having to read the words, instead, the words are talking to him.


Emotion has to be there in article to make it enliven. Depending on the discussion topic, the reader should feel inspired, funny, scared or even angry at times. If this feat can be achieved, then you have truly done a great job, and surely the audience will keep coming back to have a feeling from your writing.


The article should be free of grammatical and spelling mistake as far as possible. If the readers is consistently faced with some abnormality, he will lose focus and thereby killing the zeal that he had at the beginning. Thus, meticulously proofread few times before publishing.

Thus by practicing more and more the aforementioned points, soon you can be one of the most sought after content writer for web sites.

How to Lead A Relaxing Freelance Lifestyle?

Relaxing Freelance Life To be an effective freelancer, it is vitally important to continuously produce work of high quality. However, humans are not machines and the pressure of producing and performing can be hectic at times. It may resulting in the loss of attention and focus, unprofitable change in direction, or shortcuts being applied to just get the work through anyhow.

This article will show some of the ways to a relaxing stress-less freelancing lifestyle:


May be at present you have a average car, average PC and house. But don’t grieve over not being able to achieve the highest standard of life at one shot. Instead, deal with what you have, and try to do best with those, fix your target for a life of top level, but just don’t mourn over it day and night, forgetting the work in hand. Work for it with what you have, enjoy with what you have got at current day.  Don’t be too much materialistic.


Try to figure out what is actually needed in your life which will benefit you in some way. If you can think of something that is not relevant, ditch it, both in your digital warehouse and materialistic possessions. This will considerably free you up from unnecessary complicity and thus will gain you a lot more free dimensions to relax a bit.


Think of everyday works that you don’t enjoy at all but are having to do. Once you have decided, delegate the work to someone else or find some other way around, if it costs you money, then it is also a worthy investment, as it will relieve you of some torrid mental pressure. For example, if you do not like cooking, hire a maid to do it for you. Though you will have some expenditure, but the return will be a lot more profitable.


Tasks that doesn’t require a lot of time, you should finish it then and there, do not add it to your TO-DO list. Anything that entail for 5-10 minutes of your time, just go through it and see it off.


It is vitally essential that you set a goal within a definite time- frame. Do not pass month after months aimlessly. Set a target, it may be a part of some bigger target and work for it. Without a sound and achievable aim, you will go nowhere.

By following these steps, a happy and enjoyable freelance lifestyle can be lead, with more profit and client satisfaction.

This post is summarized from Lead a More Relaxing Freelance Lifestyle. Photo by Here.Vi.

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