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Why a Freelancer Failed in His Career? - Part 2/7

Continuing from the previous part - UnderEstimating The Job , this part will explain how one can call upon downfall if he overestimates his abilities too much. Being too good sometimes can bring the negative.


over estimating freelancer failureMay be you are a great writer of a superb designer. This is good and probably you will do better in the freelancers’ field. However, sometimes it may come as an obstacle that can hinder the potential benefit. It can become an obstacle in delivering the optimum performance. Sometimes probably you will proceed with a job that seems easy on the surface in a half-hearted manner, resulting in a poor performance. So following are few ways which can show you the ways to overcome the ego issues and become more professional.

Requirements Gathering

One trait of a successful project is, how well it corresponds to the client’s specification. However, when the clients give the specification, they may not be able to provide with the clear accurate picture, or may be too vague or even sometimes can be faulty as well. In that case it is your duty to rectify the client and suggest him the best possible ways to proceed with the idea. However, if client forcefully sticks to this point, then follow that.

Basic Comes First

It is highly important that when you work as a freelance writer, you follow the basics of writing in a very strict way. Do not infuse your own style and punctuation rules, as it will end up offending the client for sure. Though you may get over-excited and continue to write in your own style and characteristics but at the end this may bring up frustration. So fix yourself to the basics and it will make you even better.

Do Not Be Over-Sure

Always remember that there is someone out there who will do better than what you can do; and the client is not restricted to give the job to you. It is your duty to always deliver the best so that the client sticks to you. Else he can always look for someone else and there are plenty out there to fill the gap created by you.

With this we end our second part of the series and in the next part we will see how you should plan your business as a lack of proper planning can end up badly hurting your business interest. Just Sign up with our Auto-Feed Manager to deliver the next part to your Inbox automatically.

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Career Reviewed: Unit Trust Consultant - Part 1: Why would I want to be a Unit Trust Consultant?

This post is guest blogging by Chee Wee - An unit Trust Consultant.

image Unit Trust is a sunrise industry in our country. It has evolved into a lucrative profession. Unlike traditional career with has limitations in terms of personal growth, income potential and time, it is the exact opposite.

Too many of us are frustrated at the prospect of squandering our best years on a 9 to 5 mundane job. It is structurally incapable of giving us what we dream of most – personal and financial freedom. So why not take back the reins of your life. Why not, indeed!

Most of us are educated to pursue a traditional career in the corporate world. However in the current globalizations and high technology driven climate, unit trust industry is fast becoming popular with the younger generations.

Resources that join the industry come from a broad range of backgrounds. There are those who graduated with first class degrees. There are also people who switch to this industry with totally unrelated work experiences. This industry is quite a versatile industry in terms of recruiting human capital. It is no longer the industry for people who can’t make a living elsewhere.

Young graduates and newcomers to the industry need not fear the lack of knowledge or understanding as ample training and opportunity is available. Training programs are held to educate product knowledge and to build or refine soft skills. Be assured that there will be guidance and support from mentors. Mentors will build their people to higher level. Mentors are ever ready to reach out, to nurture and guide you.

Today, an estimated 60% of associates are earning a five figure income monthly with job loads equal to those working in the financial investment houses. The different is the networks you build are your own and do not belong to the company.

So with this I’ll end the first part of this review, in the next part we will see What’s is the benefit of this career. Just Sign up with our Auto-Feed Manager to deliver the next part to your Inbox automatically.

Why a Freelancer Failed in His Career? - Part 1/7

freelancer failure Freelancing may be a dream job to many people worldwide. But the fact is, that the failure rate in this business is also quite high. However, the surprising thing is, this high failure rate is not due to the fact that the freelancers are not competent at what they do, but for the lack of discipline and knowledge about the business itself. This article will explain all this misconceptions in a series of seven parts. This first part will focus on the issue of: UNDERESTIMATING THE JOB.

There are many people out there who think or spread the word that freelancers can a six-figure income yearly with just two to three hours of work everyday. Well that is a compete fabrication and it is absolutely impossible with this little amount of work. Even if you are able to earn that much yearly, before that you have to go through a lot of things and have to be clear about certain things such as:

Business Skill

Freelancers has to have some good skills in different business activities such as basic accounting, marketing and sales. You need these skills to manage your earnings, negotiate and handle clients successfully as not all the clients will be same. Also, skills in especially ‘Sales’ is important when you want to promote your work.

Guerrilla MarketingFeel free to read up Guerilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson. It is a very good book to learn up the cost-effective ways of marketing for your freelance business.

Relation with Client

You have to understand that when one client has been served properly, it is not the end of everything. As this client will come back to you if he later wants another job to be done, but to let that happen, you have to be nice with the client by employing some very basic ‘People Skill’, alongside being professional. This will help you to develop a relationship with client based on reliability and respect; and gradually small clients will become big ones and the big ones will become bigger in no time.

Value of Friendship

Do not hesitant to be good friends of people whom you know, in your workplace (if you are part-time freelancer), your neighbourhood or your relatives. Because you never know when they can become helpful, some of them may become your clients, some of them may be freelancing as well or some of them may bring you contracts. So, always be in good touch with people as it will not only help you in business but also will make your life more enjoyable.

So with this I’ll end the first part of this series, in the next part we will see the second failure - Overestimating Your Abilities. Just Sign up with our Auto-Feed Manager to deliver the next part to your Inbox automatically.

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How-To Make Deadlines as Your Friend

This post is summarized from the FreelanceSwitch. Photo by FreelanceFolder.

How-To Make Deadlines as Your Friend Deadline is something that you can not get off your head when you are in a freelance working environment. The clients all expect you to finish up the job before the deadlines, which is often NOT the case and you end up landing in a mess. This article will discuss some points which you can employ to keep a tight check on deadline issues.

Do Not Be Stressed Over Deadlines

Take the deadlines as something that is motivational. Just think, without a deadline, a one week project will be competed in two weeks; will it be good for overall business and net earnings? I do not think so. Without a deadline something will always distract you from your job in hand and will result in a sloppy and sluggish performance, which can then never turn to a profitable business venture ever. This tickling reminder back of your head will always keep you on track and will result in the optimum work output from you. This approach will also help you to free yourself from unnecessary drudgery of stress and strain.

Set a Fake Deadline For Yourself

This is actually a pretty good idea to combat the real deadline; that is to set a dead few days before the actual one and try your best to cling to the fake one. Thus even if in any case you end up missing the fake one, you actually will still have few days ahead to cover it up resulting in client’s satisfaction. Fake deadlines should be followed by all means as an actual reality, this will not only boost performance, but back in your head you will always know that you have the safeguard properly placed.

Reverse the Role

Sometimes it is the clients who will cause you to sit idle by not providing you with necessary project information on time. In many cases they will not realize this and will still expect you to finish the whole thing within the deadline. In this case, you should speak to the client and diplomatically make him understand that you only can do your part on time if they also do their part timely.

Thus by adopting the above mentioned tactics, in many cases you will be able to deal with the deadline issue more effectively. There are 5 others ways to meet deadlines discussed in previously. Check it out :)

Hidden Costs Of Freelancing Revealed

hidden cost of freelancing In many occasions, the freelancers, especially the newbie freelancers are under the cloud of a false impression that basically all of their earnings will make to their bank accounts. However, this is not true at all. We are showing some of the avenues that will end up having a share in your income.

Freelance Job Sites

To be a successful bidder, you have to register with some freelance websites (e.g.,, etc)  that let you ask for projects. In many of them you can register yourself as a free member. But the problem is, if you are a free member, your profiles will be buried down under thousands of other people.

The only way to consistently be on top range of the list is to be a paid member. Thus, the clients can have an easy access to your profile. In this case, not only you have to pay a membership every year, but for every successful bid, the broker may charge you a percentage of the deal. The incurring more cost from your part.

Workable Hours and Billable Hours

The natural trend is to charge the client only for the hours that is put into operation in carrying out the project work only but not the long negotiating hours communicating with the clients or keeping him abreast about the latest development. This extra tasks when provided to multiple clients, can add up to some significant extra job. The logical way out should be to charge the client for these communication and negotiation sittings. Many individual in other profession do that already as trend.

Accessories Charges

To do a successful business, you have to spend some extra bucks on various other helpful entities, though this shouldn’t be considered as “Hidden Cost”, but many freelancers often forget this. Thee extras probably will be Software, Educational eBooks, faster international connection, backup medias etc.


You have to outsource some part of your job at some point or another, which again entails an extra cost. Outsourcing actually can benefit you more but in any case, you can not evade the charges.

As you can see from the above, not all of your income will go under your credit, as there are many other side-expenses.

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