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The Importance of Self-Learning for a Freelancer

In today’s freelance world, it is hardly enough if you only have one skill to offer to the clients. Instead, increasing number of freelancer is coming up with multiple skills thus grabbing more and more jobs. This article will focus on how they can manage to acquire such diverse range of skills and how you could do it too.

The answer the question how they can do it, I have to give "Self-Learning" the number one priority. Self -Learning can be as effective as classroom learning which is later on get a paper backing from the university or some institution. There are people out there who normally disagrees with the fact that self-learning can be a wealthy source of knowledge and it can have a great impact on your professional life as well; to them if anything is not backed by certificates, it is worthless, which is absolutely gibberish.

In the modern world, there are number of experts in almost all different fields who are "self-taught". They have learnt a certain skill in their workplace or they have gone though books and journals before they can master that skill and offer the service to their clients. Thus as you can see, what all it takes a different way to look at the things and willingness to learn and upgrade oneself.

In this era it has become easier than ever before to acquire knowledge on a subject due to the progress in Information Technology. You can have almost any kind of training ranging from Universities to any institutions through their distance learning program; geography is not a barrier anymore for the self-motivated.

Also, you can have innumerable number of books written and published on basically any subject, and you can search the book of your choice using Internet just sitting at the home. Books can be one of the most important source and aura of information to you. Obviously some professions such as "Doctor" require you to have training on site, but by any means, the importance of books is unquestionable.

Thus, it is vitally important that if you are lagging behind, put yourself on the shoe of  "Self-Learning" soon as you can, else you will be too far behind the race to cover it back.

Why a Freelancer need a CRM System?

Contact information of clients is of vast importance as it is the only thing that glues two entities even if they are not together. Therefore, losing it is like losing the client himself. And it can really be one of the worst fears that can come true. It also means you are losing substantial business opportunity as well. Sometimes, may be you have the contact information but you may lose valuable documents related to projects, such as description or outline of what has to be done. All these can make you crazy in no time if you happen to land in this kind of unfortunate situation.

The way to get out of this trouble is to deploy "Customer Relation Management (CRM)" software into your disposal. This article will discuss some points relating this kind of systems.

A CRM is a software system that allows you to store all your information regarding current and previous clients as well as prospective ones. This kind of system can be quite complicated but they come in varying flavour allowing you to choose from a wide range of options and functionality. Despite its initial complexity, it can be hugely beneficial to every freelancer. Below is a description of some common and most useful types of CRMs:

  1. Operational CRM: For people involved in Sales and marketing. This system will record the interactions with customer such as phone conversations and other communicational follow-ups. This way you can have a detailed record of day-to-day progress and plan changes.
  1. Analytical CRM: This system offers various tools and practices that can be used to analyze a certain market condition and effectively design a successful marketing campaign. It also helps to determine how profitable a customer can be based on the information that it records regarding the customer’s involvement to the project.
  1. Collaborative CRM: When a client has multiple contacts within a company, it is important to keep track of that, so this system can track multiple contacts at a time within an organization and also helps to analyze how the information can beneficially be used.
  1. Sales Intelligent CRM: This is an advance type of CRM which produces reports of customer trends along with market progression. Based on these data it is able to predict the future movement of both market and client responses.
  1. Contact Management: Most simple type of CRM. There are systems completely dedicated only to this functionality. But with time, it has become an integral part for other types of CRMs as well.

CRMs can be of great use if reliably deployed and maintained. Client’s information is one of the most important segments of a freelance business, and thus every freelancer should take steps to secure it.

How Do You Stay Motivated?

Freelancing is an attractive business as long as it is done with a proper spirit. Like any other business, you also have to work hard to reach to the success, but the added Freedom-Factor associated with freelancing makes it a lucrative way to go. However, if you find that you have lost your passion for the work, or in other words, can not motivated yourself enough to deal with the challenges, then it certainly is not a good news for you freelance career. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep yourself charged up and not dwindle under pressure. This article will discuss some of the methods that have been widely employed by the freelancers all over the world.

If you are a photographer or copywriter, it would be best if you always keep hunting after new and fresh works and snapshots. One good way to do that would be to subscribe with magazines related to new and innovative ideas.

Another way would be to always remember that accepting ‘Failure’ is tough and hardly acceptable, thus you always have strive to get the best out of what you doing and keep staying as far as possible from the word ‘Failure’. This should perk you up right away. One more way would be to think about the positive sides for which you have initially chosen this field of freelance business. Remembering those will surely bring the motivation back to your work.

Some freelancers engage in multiple types of work, such as graphics designer as well as writer. Therefore, try to have projects for both the sides and thus if one makes you bored at times, concentrate on the other. This mixing will bring freshness each time you start a topic. Few other freelancers will mix their activities between various day-works and projects on hand. This is also a good way to not become bored in one specific task.

Thus as you can there are various ways to encourage oneself to go about completing the projects. If you can successfully ride out this lack of motivation factor, surely you can succeed in this great world of freelance opportunities.

How to Make Minimum USD180/year by spending 10 hours/year - Part 1/2?

In this series article, I would like to share a way to generate USD180 / MYR 630 per year. As per discussed in Using WordPress To Create Mini Sites, I will have a discussion on the concept of “MINI SITES” in this part.

Mini Sites - It is a form of website, developed in a very short time and contains only 5-20 pages (or may be more) of original contents. Most of the times the designing are done by putting up custom design templates and other free plug-ins.

There are different types of Mini Sites, such as:

Product Related

This kind of web portal will be directed at some specific product or a range of products targeting a specific consumer market. For example may be you target the healthcare market and write reviews of different healthcare products, as well as how to obtain those or order online.


This kind of sites solely targets on different kinds of informative issues, such as travelling destinations, political issues or small-scale sports and recreational portals. You can place different affiliated links and if the user clicks on them, a certain percentage will be earned by you.

Tools and Tips sites

This type of site is more on knowledgebase market, such as useful tactics in graphics design or Computer Programming. Or it may be freelance business or even engineering issues as well. The users of this class of sites are mostly technical and engineering professionals.

Promoting you side should be easy as you can use different Google Adwords or some per-pay-click services. This will help you to bring traffic to your site. The best part about these mini sites is that once you spend around 8/10 hours to build a mini site, you do not have to go back regularly and update it in a rapid fashion every time.

Just create it, place its link to some other websites and surely you will end up getting at least some traffic, thereby making some cash. Let’s say you generate USD0.50 per day from each mini-sites, you will simply make over USD180 per year. (** We will discuss the ways to generate the minimum USD 0.50 / day in our part 2 of this series posts.)

When there is multiple mini sites are created, you can have some substantial income collectively. However, in that case you also should go back once in a while to those sites and check the user-status or do some upgrade work. Therefore, mini sites can be a great source of some useful side income with very little one-time effort.

With this we end our first part of the series and in the next part we will see the ways to generate the USD0.50/day via Mini Sites. Just Sign up with our Auto-Feed Manager to deliver the next part to your Inbox automatically.

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