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We Are Featured On New Straits Times Press (NSTP)

Thanks to Rommel for informing us that we are mentioned in one of the section in New Straits Times Press (NSTP). In this article, they are talking about Data Entry Scam by job agencies. They suggest the readers to identify the scam companies with our list of scam companies.

Thanks to your community who report all the scam companies that cheated them. Our list had grew from days to days. From this point, we understand that many people is forgetting the rule of employment - "Never pay any money upfront before getting a job".

Feel free to click on the image below to read the whole article.

apt on nst


5 Simple tips to start a Productive day for a Freelancer

To be an effective freelancer, it is vitally important that you keep your mindset fresh and jubilated throughout the day. The best way to instigate this process is to have a comfortable and relaxing start of the day. This article will point to some ideas which can help you to maintain a regular charming inception from everyday morning, greatly impacting your work in a positive way.

Having a Sound Sleep

It is worth mentionable that a good and solid sleep can supplement your productivity with a real boost. Normally, it is advisable that a regular person goes through a sleep cycle of 8 hours each day. Discontinuation and regularity in sleeping has been proven as an active ingredient for obesity, heart disease, reduced work-output etc. Thus, compromising with this issue is not advisable.

Getting into a Disciplined Act

Every morning do something that requires strict discipline to maintain over time, such a jogging or some kind of light exercise, may be for half an hour or so. Even if you do not like the habit, it will aid to remember your duties ahead in that day, and once you finish this early morning act, you will feel great and encouraged to go about rest of your work in that day.

Taking a Nice Breakfast

Well this is something mandatory needless to say, there is no point rushing for work without an empty stomach and sacrifice dramatically on productivity and concentration issues. Thus, take a good breakfast and make it an important part of your habit as well.

Thinking up a To-do List

Instead of making a long written list of each and every things to be done, just mentally think up a short list of the most important things to be completed and the things that have hoard up for today. Just think that once you’ve gone though all these, you would have achieved something good, this will boost your inclination towards your work and other duty. In the end if you just smoothly go through, at the end of the day you will be satisfied.

Starting the Work

Now its time to put the focus on the real thing. Remove yourself from any kinds of distractions and solely concentrate your ‘FIRST’ task in hand. Don’t think about the other stuffs. Once you have completed the initial task, you will already be in a solid state of mind to propel to the next one.

Following these advises, there is a great chance that you can increase your productivity and enjoy a refreshed mind throughout the day.

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